Is "Quality" Up For Debate?

You know you’re in trouble with the definition of content’s “quality” comes in question, but that’s exactly what Patrick Keane, CEO of Associated Content, just did. Increasingly, the “quality” of content has less to do with, say, grammar, or -- I don’t know -- originality, and more to do with “usefulness,” Keane argued. He did so, by the way, on the day’s last panel, “Grilling the Content Farmers: When Data Drives Publishing”. Is a story on potty-training written by a PhD, say, more or less valuable than one produced by a mom of three from Spokane, Washington? (Used used a similar example to make his point, thought the details are slightly different.) Not surprisingly, Josh Stinchcomb, Publisher of Conde Nast Digital, took issue with the argument, calling it a “slippery slope” to debate to definition of the world quality.
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