Doritos brings Blink 182 into your house (you have homeowners' insurance, right?)

Augmented reality is pretty friggin neat. Goodby Silverstein and Mekanism produced a whole augmented reality, uh, thing for Doritos. Kinda hard to explain, but: you could hold a bag of Doritos up to your webcam, whereupon the bag will (appear to) burst open, roll out a stage, and allow you to see a "live" performance by Blink 182 or Outkat's Big Boy. The production was obviously very complex, involving lots of technical stuff that I will never, ever understand, but the final product was quite awesome: you can rotate the bag and the stage, and the band, will rotate with it.  If you shake the bag, the speakers will fall over. You can also demolish the stage with a wrecking ball. And if you cheer loud enough after the performance is over, the band comes back for an encore. 
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