March 20 - 23, 2022
Scottsdale, AZ

Direct FROM Consumer: Customers Flip the D2C Script

Customers have been empowered. No, really this time! From habitual brand switching to reshuffled media habits, competitive clutter to heightened service expectations - customers are more demanding, diffused and brand agnostic than ever before. The D2C marketers who hope to survive this power shift will learn to partner with customers, not just sell them.

MediaPost's 7th D2C Brand Insider Summit explores what "customer-first" really means to all aspects of D2C marketing.

We will explore:

- Acquisition in a fragmented streaming lanscape 
- Omnichannel data and martech strategy
- Collaborating with customers on product development
- Next-generation CRM
- Brand building against D2C clutter

In case studies, discussion sessions and MediaPost's signature daily roundtables, we bring some of the most experienced D2C marketers together to share their best practices and examples of what it really means to empower their customers...for real. 

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Sunday, 03/20

4:30 PM Mountain
6:30 PM ET
Welcome Cocktail Reception

Monday, 03/21

7:35 AM Mountain
9:35 AM ET
Opening Remarks
Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
7:45 AM Mountain
9:45 AM ET
8:10 AM Mountain
10:10 AM ET
Case Study in Brand Building 3.0
8:30 AM Mountain
10:30 AM ET
Sponsor Spotlight and Coffee Break
9:00 AM Mountain
11:00 AM ET
Panel: The Many Models of "Customer-First"
"Putting the customer first" is a cliche of modern marketing, but what does it look like to make customers partners in the growth of your brand? We ask some of the more experienced, customer-centric brands to share how they best leverage their customers as a resource, not just a target - to develop new product, to build the brand, even to increae customer acquisition and LTV.
9:30 AM Mountain
11:30 AM ET
Case Study: Next Level CRM
9:45 AM Mountain
11:45 AM ET
CRM 3.0
Recovery-Era Customer Acquisition

Tuesday, 03/22

7:35 AM Mountain
9:35 AM ET
Welcome Back
7:40 AM Mountain
9:40 AM ET
8:10 AM Mountain
10:10 AM ET
Case Study: Post-Pandemic Omnichannel Media
8:30 AM Mountain
10:30 AM ET
Sponsor Spotlight and Coffee Break
9:00 AM Mountain
11:00 AM ET
Panel: How "D2C" Are You?: Omnichannel Retail and the New Customer Relationship
As D2C Brands expand their reach into physical retail distribution their traditional direct relationships with the customer base gets, well, complicated. How are these omnichannel brands rethinking data and media strategies as partners and intermediaries "own" their customers? What have marketers learned about segmenting this expanded custpmer base, allocating media budgets and product development?
9:30 AM Mountain
11:30 AM ET
Case Study: Customer-Driven Product Development
9:45 AM Mountain
11:45 AM ET
Making the Most of Omnichannel Marketing
Brand Expansion and Product Development

Wednesday, 03/23

7:00 AM Mountain
9:00 AM ET
Panel: "Do NFTs Come With That Order?" Or Getting Creative In Customer Acquisition
The challenge for our panel of D2C brands is simple. Share with peers the most unlikely and promising new channels, offers or partnerships that are finding new customers as the usual performance channels get too costly and cluttered.
7:30 AM Mountain
9:30 AM ET
Sponsior Spotlight and Coffee Break
7:50 AM Mountain
9:50 AM ET
Case Study: Influencers as Partners
8:10 AM Mountain
10:10 AM ET
Leveraging Your Inluencer Posse


Steve Smith

VP, Editorial Director, Events

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