Dianna Dilworth

MediaPost EIS EU Program Director

Dianna Dilworth is Associate Editor at Haymarket Media’s DMNews, covering e-mail marketing and the interactive advertising space. Her weekly column, Inbox Insider, explores e-mail focused topics including creative, strategy, the industry scene and the latest in the spam battle. She also regularly covers mobile, social media, ad networks and emerging forms of advertising and communications. Beyond writing for DMNews, she has also partnered with various interactive sites including SnagFilms, Current TV and Barack Obama TV to create online video content. Before she joined the marketing and interactive world, she covered design for various publications including The Architectural Record, Dwell, The Barcelona Metropolitan and Business Week.

Meet Dianna at:

Opening Remarks
Date/Time: 8:45 AM

Fireside Chat Keynote: Not on the High Street’s Total Email Turnaround
Date/Time: 9:00 AM
Not on the High Street has completely turned around its email program in the last couple of years, transitioning poor practices and negative performance into a robust and successful program. In this chat, we’ll learn how they reformed their approach after inheriting a poorly run channel. We'll explore how they tidied up their ESP, and improved performance by paying attention to email cadence, segmentation and personalization.

Panel: GDPR Gut Check: Taking the Pulse Almost One Year Later
Date/Time: 9:30 AM

GDPR regulations went into effect last May, changing how marketers can use data to communicate with customers. Almost one year in, marketers are now learning how to navigate the new GDPR landscape. In this panel, email marketers will share their experiences, tips and lessons learned.

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