September 15, 2020
New York, NY

Trust 2.0: Financial Relationship Building in the Digital Era

It’s Financial Service’s turn in the ongoing digital disruption. Digital channels have already transformed how consumers interact with their banks, broker and insurance accounts. But a new wave of FinTech brands are now redefining all of these categories. From virtual banking and investing to P2P payment, new insurance models and the app-ification of all transactions – money just isn’t what it used to be, But one thing that hasn’t changed is that trust remains at the heart of FinServ branding and experiences.

MediaPost’s inaugural Marketing Financial Services event brings together marketers for both legacy and challenger brands that are solving for the challenges ahead.

For building trust in both new and old brands through digital channels

For finding the marketing opportunities within the great P2P payment disintermediation

For building experiences, not just sales pitches, in an app-based FinServ world

For authentic personalization across channels

For an InsurTech disruption that radically changes the insurer/insured relationship

For leveraging 1st and 3rd party data wisely and effectively

As the FinTech disruption escalates, it touches every marketer in financial services because the bedrock of its branding – trust – is being reshaped and relocated. The MediaPost Marketing Financial Services looks beyond the challenge towards workable solutions.



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Tuesday, 05/19

8:00 AM
Registration & Check-In
9:00 AM
Opening Remarks
9:15 AM
Panel: Branding Trust In A Cluttered, Disrupted Space

As new generations of consumers shrug at traditional brands and embrace newcomers in the banking, investment and payment spaces, how are financial brands being built now? What inspires trust and loyalty? Are innovation, convenience and other values trumping legacy and stability when consumers entrust their money to you? Amid the clutter, who is breaking through and where? We ask new and old players across financial service categories how they are competing for trust.

9:45 AM
10:15 AM
Sponsor Spotlight and Break
10:45 AM
Panel: Marketing the P2P Payment Economy
As Zelle, Venmo, Square Cash and blockchain-based contenders compete for an exploding market of P2P payments, this tectonic shift in payment methods promises to disrupt every aspect of retail and e-commerce as well as incumbent financial services. How should marketers both inside and outside the financial services world position themselves for opportunity rather than disruption here?
11:15 AM
Case Study: Banking Appified: The Rise of a Brand
11:45 AM
Panel: Data-Driven Intimacy: The Personalization Challenge

Trust is built on relationships, but how can data driven, automated and digital worlds build authentic one-to-one marketing with financial services customers? We ask a range of new and old providers how they are jumping through the hoops of privacy, security, legal, data hygiene and automation and delivering on the personalization promise. How and where are the customers themselves raising the bar of expectations from their banking and investment institutions?

12:15 PM
Panel: Disrupting the Disruptors: FinTech Vs. FinTech

FinTech has taken aim at every imaginable category of banking, investment, insurance. But as the field clutters with similar claims of tech prowess and anti-establishment street cred, the disruptors are competing with themselves for attention, credibility, differentiation. We convene a panel of upstarts to discuss how they build brand and grow in such a wall of marketing noise. Is this just a media arms-race or are subtler tactics succeeding here?    

12:45 PM
2:15 PM
Panel: Phoning It In: Building Relationships In An App World

Phones are tools, not Web sites, and so every financial marketers needs to think hard and differently about their mobile relationship strategy. If the app is the face of your brand then how is it optimized best for customers rather than sales goals? What tech, data, feature sets encourage adoption and use? What are the best approaches to messaging, personalized experiences and upselling here? And who is driving the mobile strategy anyway? Let’s dial up the examples of best practices.


2:45 PM
Sponsor Spotlight and Break
3:15 PM
3:30 PM
Panel: Risk Factors: The InsurTech Challenge

Famously cautious, the insurance industry can no longer be risk-averse. “InsurTech” is creating new categories and models for the industry. Advanced personal data gathering will change everything from underwriting to customer acquisition, while real-time digital interactivity adds countless new players into the market. But how will the marketing, branding and customer relationships change as both the products and the customer relationships redefine themselves? What should the new insurance brand look like?

4:00 PM
Conference Ends


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