March 7 - 10, 2018
Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa, Austin, TX

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Wednesday, 03/07

6:30 PM

Thursday, 03/08

8:00 AM
Registration & Breakfast
Room Royal A
8:15 AM
Sponsor Breakfast Presentation
Day 1: Data-Driven Strategy 2018 We open the Summit exploring how the latest trends in automated and data-driven marketing will impact the master plan. How are media planners and buyers adjusting to the changing dynamics of the programmatic ad marketplace? What is the real cost/benefit of taking media buying and data resources in-house? And what sort of opportunity does Amazon’s entry into the online ad market represent for a range of brands and product lines?
9:00 AM
Opening Remarks
Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
9:15 AM
Keynote: Punching Above Your Weight: popchips’ Contender Story
When a decade-old indie comes up against the big snack makers, you need some leverage. Popchips started by telling its story direct to consumers – a content-driven approach that built a social media following and then located key social influencers in the space. With a core of content, assets and data, the brand then built a cross channel media plan that amplified both its message and its budget way beyond its fighting weight.
Marc Seguin, CMO, popchips 
9:45 AM
Panel: The New Dynamics of Trading

Header bidding, supply path optimization, first price auctions have upended the fundamentals of exchange dynamics in the last year. We explore how these changes are impacting buyers, their strategies, opportunities and budgets. Are prices going up as a result of new supply side models and is it exposing better inventory? How are DSPs managing the changes? And are any of these refinements to the supply chain helping transparency, accountability and trust?

Brad Simms, CEO and President, GALE Partners 
Ashley Evenson, Director, Emerging Media and Ad Solutions, Ciceron Digital Media Group 
Sargi Mann, EVP, Digital Strategy – Investments, Havas Media Group 
Caleb Pinkerton, Digital Media Director, KSM South 
Dr. Ram Singh, EVP, Analytics & Technology, Performics 
11:00 AM
Presentation: The Better Programmatic Experience

Why and how does a major retail brand bring part of your programmatic media buying effort in-house? Looking to gain more media for their buck and transparency, Overstock comshares its experience taking over its retargeting campaigns by reorganizing its own data and marketing teams and choosing and assembling tech solutions. What new efficiencies, performance and customer insights has the company gained as a result? What challenges remain for brands considering a similar move?

Craig Kelly, Group Product Manager, Marketing, Overstock 
11:30 AM
Sailing the Amazon: Navigating The New Inventory

The company that is eating retail has now shown a taste for the digital advertising ecosystem this year, leveraging massive and deep data, enormous scale and cross-device connections to consumers. But what are marketers to make of its collection of self-service programmatic inventory, marketing services, video and custom audience opportunities? Is this still a bottom-of-the-funnel play? Is it a viable alternative to the duopoly? And how ultimately will this unique inventory fit into marketers' overall planning?

Luke Lambert, Head of Performance Media, OMD Chicago 
Jacob Band, Senior Strategist, The Media Kitchen 
Megan Conahan, EVP, Direct Agents 
Arielle Heyman, Digital Marketing Manager, Mustela 
12:15 PM

The New Dynamics of Trading - Brad Simms, CEO and President, GALE Partners
The In-House Conundrum - Craig Kelly, Group Product Manager, Marketing, Overstock
Navigating Amazon - Luke Lambert, Head of Performance Media, OMD Chicago
Building Brand Programmatically - Marc Seguin, CMO, PopChips, Tom Alexander, President, p4kMedia

1:00 PM
Golf at Barton Creek: Crenshaw Course
Lake Austin Boat Tour
General Session Room
At the Rock House @ the Omni (by shuttle van - meet at lobby at 6:30pm for short 5 minute drive to venue)
At the Rock House @ the Omni 

Friday, 03/09

8:00 AM
Room Royal A
Day 2: The Better Programmatic Experience On day 2 of the Summit we follow the sttepest grwoth curves in data driven and automated advertising - video on both larger and smaller screens. Now that video can be targeted more precisely across desktop, mobile and TV, what do video strategies look like now? And the rise of video is part of the larger effort to improve the data driven ad experience – both for advertisers and for consumers.
8:45 AM
Presentation: Tilted Landscape: Mobile Video in 2018

Consumers are hungry for video content, even on the go and on small screens. Mobile video strategy presents a unique intersection of media planning and production. New formats like 360, vertical, as well as traditional formats can be leveraged across programmatic and social media vendors. Can we use mobile video beyond consideration and into lead generation? This talk will discuss specific examples / strategies in that area.

Chris Daley, Senior Manager, Digital Media, UPMC Health Plan 
9:15 AM
Data Driven Video: The Online to TV Connection

OTT and advanced TV platforms are outpacing other areas of programmatic spending growth this year. But have these expanded opportunities for targeting video storytelling resulted in mature strategies across screens? Media buyers share how they are knitting together planning, creative and measurement approaches to catch up with the opportunity. 

Maegan Moore, Digital Media Manager, Sony Corporation 
Meghan Grienenberger, Associate Partner, Director of Media, VSA Partners 
Trisha Stecker, Director of Channel Strategy & Digital Media, RR Partners 
Ly Tran, Chief Media Officer, Proof Advertising 
10:00 AM
Keynote: E2E Is The Real Holy Grail: A Dell Use Case
The only way to fight the waste, non-working media costs, opacity, complexity and fraud in the ad ecosystem is to build end-to end (E2E) automation in paid media. Two Dell marketers demonstrate how they are building an ad tech stack designed as an orchestration and activation layer that sits atop a content and delivery system. This enables a full integration of both systems so that content is automated and delivered via paid media campaigns. The result is not only better efficiency and control of messaging but bottom line performance.
Jessie Dawson, Director, Digital Marketing, Dell Technologies 
Atul Singh, Head of Programmatic, Dell 
10:30 AM
Coffee Break
10:45 AM
Keynote: Minimizing Brand Risk to Maximize Impact and ROI
Digital advertising has presented massive targeting opportunities, but also delivery complexity and concerns about transparency into placement information from media channels and buys. Measuring, monitoring and optimizing campaign delivery in a digital environment requires multiple layers of ad qualification (target audience quality, sites, brand safety / content, viewability, ad fraud / non-human traffic, ad collision, ad clutter, context, keywords, etc.) to ensure that ads effectively protect the brand integrity without limiting the scale of digital presence) to produce an positive and meaningful brand and business impact.
George Musi, Executive Vice President – Chief Data, Analytics & Insights Officer, Blue 449 
11:15 AM
Panel: What Does A Better Programmatic User Experience Look Like

For the most part programmatic advertising has done much more to erode the online ad experience than improve it, and users voted resoundingly against it with widespread ad blocking. But are so-called "better ads" really just blander less intrusive ones? Can the same tech that built better targeting help us build a better user experience?

Brooke Willaby, Advertising Director, Push Digital 
Deniz Kahriman, Associate Digital Media Director, Quigley Simpson 
Jim Napolitano, Senior Vice President, Managing Director, Organic 
Orchid Richardson, VP & Managing Director, Data Center of Excellence, IAB 
Danial Rushton, Solutions Consulting Director, Publicis Media 
12:00 PM

A Programmatic Video Strategy - Trisha Stecker, Digital Associate Media Director, RR Partners
Context, Impact, Brand Safety - George Musi, Executive Vice President – Chief Data, Analytics & Insights Officer, Blue 449
A Better Programmatic Experience - Orchid Richardson, VP & Managing Director, Data Center of Excellence, IAB

1:00 PM
Golf at Barton Creek: Fazio Canyons Course
Hill Country Wine Tasting
Spa Visit at the Omni
The Key Bar, 6th Street, Downtown Austin (via shuttle, departs from lobby at 6:30pm sharp!)
Italic, 6th Street, Downtown Austin
9:30 PM
Late-Night on the Town
Downtown Austin - shuttle service provided back to Omni at 11pm (after this time, transportation on your own)

Saturday, 03/10

8:00 AM
Room Royal A
Day 3: High Tech, High Art We conclude the Summit leaning forward both in tech and creative. AI has always been part of automated advertising, but how will the next levels of AI and machine learning inform how marketers leverage their data in new ways? And how will the rise of smarter machines also impact the ad agency, its business models, its work and the customer experiences we all hope will improve?
8:45 AM
Keynote Interview: Demystifying the Stack
So many moving pieces, so many marketers just don't understand. Marketers can't buy into what they don't know. Mark Ortiz shares his recent experiences and lessons learned from Honda's own internal process of vetting and testing ad stack layers. We explore with him the questions marketers need to ask both of the tech and of their own goals in order to evaluate these technologies. How do you test drive then and helpful ways? And all of that comes before the big challenge everyone is now facing - how to integrate the pieces into an overall tech and marketing strategy.
Mark Ortiz, National Interactive Marketing Manager, American Honda Motor Company, Inc. 
Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
9:15 AM
Panel: Do Marketers Need an AI/ML "Strategy?"

Nothing is brighter and shinier an object in 2018 than Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. But do all brands really need to rush in? We explore how marketers resist the smoke and mirrors around these hot topics and discover how these technologies apply to their own marketing goals and infrastructure.

James Lanyon, VP, Srategy & Innovation, T3 
Jenessa Carder, Associate Strategy Director, Isobar 
Whitney Fishman Zember, Managing Partner, Innovation and Consumer Technology, Wavemaker 
Eric Perz, VP, Director of Data Science, Marc USA 
Kate Rush Sheehy, Group Director Strategy, R/GA 
9:45 AM
Coffee Break
10:00 AM
Q&A: AI and Agencies
We end the Data and Programmatic Summit with a Q&A about how AI and machine learning are already impacting the ad agency world. How are agencies testing and deploying AI today, both externally through client work and in-house? How does AI/ML inform marketers about how to leverage data in new ways? How is it advancing programmatic advertising; can it help improve customer experiences?
Justin Thomas-Copeland, President, RAPP-NY 
Ross Fadner, Director, Event Programming, MediaPost 
10:30 AM

What Does AI and ML Mean to You? - Eric Perz, VP, Director of Data Science, Marc USA
Evolving Agency/Client Relations
 - Justin Thomas-Copeland, President, RAPP-NY

11:00 AM
Conference Concludes


Southern California - Location TBA

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