June 30 - July 1, 2020
Virtual Event

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Tuesday, 06/30

Day 1 - Thriving After a Crisis

Why going dark during a crisis isn't the answer. We open the TV & Video Insider Summit examining strategies that worked, didn't work and what was learned in the process as we move forward during this uncertain time.

12:30 PM ET
Opening Remarks – Adjusting to the New Normal
Lisa Singer, Event Editorial Manager, MediaPost 
12:40 PM ET
Keynote Q&A: Skullcandy’s Content-To-Commerce Calculus
Can big video content marketing efforts really drive the bottom line? Headphone maker Skullcandy used its major online concert series to develop a “content-to-commerce” model that connected the dots between broad awareness building and performance metrics. CMO Jessica Klodnicki explains how she brings a performance-driven model to brand building.
Jessica Klodnicki, Chief Marketing Officer, Skullcandy Inc. 
Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
1:00 PM ET
Sponsor Spotlight Presentation
1:15 PM ET
Panel: Navigating the New Cross-Screen Landscape

COVID-19 forced consumers to spend more and more hours in front of the screen. Connected TV viewership has since become more prevalent, and as a result advertising must evolve. Marketers now need to adjust their short- and long-term strategies. What can you expect from OTT viewership moving forward? How can you leverage audience buying to improve scale in OTT? Hear how this panel of innovative media buyers are optimizing these cross-network campaigns during a time of crises?

Lisa Singer, Event Editorial Manager, MediaPost 
MacKenzie Magner, Associate Director, Media, T3 
John Speranza, Senior VP Marketing, Freshpet 
Michele Toller, VP Media, Empower MediaMarketing 
1:40 PM ET
Sponsor Spotlight Presentation
1:50 PM ET
TV & Video Insider Trivia
2:00 PM ET

Optimizing Media Spend - James Brohamer, E-commerce, Omnichannel Marketing Director, Affiliate and Partnerships, Purple
Interviewer: Lisa Singer, Event Editorial Manager, MediaPost
Traditionally CTV and linear have been considered two separate expertises, so they're not often planned together. This can prove inefficient and costly. How are brands optimizing their media strategies?

Tuning Into New Video Channels - Jason Adamski, North American Consumer Connections Lead, Ferrero  
Interviewer: Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events/Mobile Insider, Mediapost
From out-of-home screens to digitally-driven billboards and Internet radio to gaming channels, the screens beyond TV/OTT/Online are exploding. We discuss emerging opportunities for sight, sound and motion.

The OTT Surge - Emily Kistner, Associate Dir, Connected TV Lead, MODI Media
Interviewer: Wayne Friedman, West Coast Editor, MediaPost
As even more consumers are turning to OTT since COVID-19, savvy marketers are shifting their advertising efforts as well. Though for the abundance of opportunities OTT provides there seems to be almost as many challenges: transparency, frequency, measurability. How are marketers resolving these issues and adapting their current media strategies?

*Virtual Roundtables will kick off with a brief Q&A between MediaPost editors and a special Summit VIP guest on the topic at hand. The discussion will then open up to the "room" for shared perspectives, questions & debate.

Wednesday, 07/01

Day 2 - Seeing the Big Picture It's all about the message. On day 2 of the summit we learn why during times of crisis it's less about performance and more about a brands abilitiy to demonstrate concern and empathy for their customers.
12:40 PM ET
Keynote Q&A: Staying Fluid During a Crisis
As COVID-19 hurled the economy into a free fall; the nation’s unemployment rate soared to some of the worst numbers in almost a century. Job seekers’ desperation spiked, and the world’s largest online employment platform needed to adapt. Indeed’s CMO Paul D’Arcy shares how he was able to pivot from a brand memory strategy to informational messaging, even as creative production shut down and media planning had to be reshuffled.
Paul J. D'Arcy, SVP, Marketing, Indeed 
Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
1:00 PM ET
Survey Results
What was the most effective video campaign during the pandemic? What is your biggest recovery challenge? When will ad budgets rebound?
1:05 PM ET
Panel: Hyper Flexible: Why OTT is a Standout in Times of Flux

OTT has been one of the fastest growing segments in ad-supported media today, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only added to that. There are more available impressions in the marketplace and as a result an influx of inventory. Will all of these additional eyeballs mean an improved CPM and more scale audience? If so, should brands previously hesitant to OTT now add it to their media strategy? And which channels are the savvy OTT buyers investing in?

Lisa Singer, Event Editorial Manager, MediaPost 
Daniel Bealey, Sr. Director of Advanced TV and Programmatic Media, USIM 
Diana Bernstein, SVP, Managing Director, Video Investments, Havas Media 
Nicole Interlandi, VP, Director of Video Investment, Assembly 
1:30 PM ET
Trivia Part II & Swag Champion Reveal
1:40 PM ET
Presentation: Switching Gears: Lexus Broadens it’s Image & Audience
The importance of cultural connection points in Advertising still holds true to build upon the equity in any established consumer relationship. Lexus 0to60 was created to illustrate how “performance” could create greater affinity within the Black consumer mindset for the Lexus brand. Join us today to see how Product Marketing, Lexus Performance Driving, Driving Connection, Lexus Racing and a host of celebrities culminated into 4 Seasons of Lexus 0to60.
Danielle Rose, Sr. Advertising Analyst, Lexus 
Albert Thompson, Managing Director, Digital, Walton Isaacson 
2:00 PM ET

Facebook Live - Callie Christensen, Co-Owner & Co- CEO & Kelly Oriard, Co-Owner & Co- CEO, Slumberkins
Interviewer: Nina Lentini, Editor of Events and Research, MediaPost
Today more than ever, an authentic brand story that enables a business to rise above the noise is vital to its success. How are organizations leveraging social media communities and channels like Facebook Live to boost brand awareness in an increasingly competitive market?

That Measurement Roundtable Shani Reardon, President, Modus Direct Agency
Interviewer: Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost
Cross-screen measurement still sucks, but what are you going to do? With the latest surge in inventory; plans now more than ever need to be made, allocations determined, results accounted for. How are some of the latest tools being used to reconcile incompatible metrics, how is performance impact being measured and what are we learning?

Diversity in Media Planning - Dwayne Crittendon, Director, Communications Design, Initiative
Interviewer: Lisa Singer, Event Editorial Manager, MediaPost
Historically brands have tended to shy away from outwardly supporting political movements that bring people to protest. At least until recently. Today scores of brands are expressing unity with the Black Lives Matter movement and anti-racism campaigns. What’s changed? And why is it important to adopt a multicultural view to your marketing initiatives? 

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