March 2 - 3, 2021
Virtual Event

We Want Our Accountable TV

All TV is "connected" now. OTT/CTV, social video, AVOD, YouTube and more are more data driven than ever. But in the last year we also saw how even traditional linear broadcast had to move viewers onto other screens to convert. Marketers' expectations have been raised. All video must move measurable needles to earn its place in the budget.

At the spring edition of MediaPost's TV and Video Insider Summit we focus on measurability, accountability, performance. How are marketers using sight, sound and motion across screens to drive the bottom line.
We will explore:
  • Planning across OTT/CTV, digital video, social, linear
  • V-Commerce and performance video
  • Going local vs. going national
  • Measuring CTV
  • Leveraging the live online video opportunity
  • Keeping UGC and influencers accountable
  • Shoppable video
  • TikTok and the new video opportunities
At the spring TV and Video Insider Summit we leave GRPs in the rear view mirror and keep our eye on performance and accountability in a new age of video.

Conference Content Programmers

Lisa Singer, Event Editorial Manager, MediaPost

Programming Advisor

Rob Jayson, EVP, Analytics & Insights, USIM

VIP Program

Insider Summits are complimentary to Brand & Agency Execs who meet our requirements. To qualify, you must:

* Control the TV/Video strategy and budget for a major consumer brand
* Serve as Senior Level Management or above
* Agree to attend all sessions of the Summit

If you meet the requirements and would like to join us, simply send your full contact info and one or two sentences about your role to Kevin Massa at

TV + Video Insider Summit 2021 Attendees Include

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Tuesday, 03/02

Day 1 - Buying Your Next CTV
3:00 PM ET
Opening Remarks - ALL times EST
Lisa Singer, Event Editorial Manager, MediaPost 
3:10 PM ET
3:35 PM ET
Sponsor Spotlight
3:45 PM ET
Panel: Taking CTV's Measure: What Does A Data-Driven Strategy Look Like?
Accelerated by lockdown viewing, digital video and connect TV in 2021 goes from nice-to-have to must-have; for any brand plan that needs reach and any performance strategy that requires greater targeting and accountability. But with multiple TV manufacturers in the game, SVOD, Amazon, Roku and too many free streamers and platforms to count; many with their own metrics, how are media buyers ensuring that data drives the strategy? Our panel of cross-screen planners share how they meet the challenge of attribution across platforms, reconcile competing metrics, calculate ROI and optimize on the fly. Let's get practical. What does the digital and CTV video plan look like after a year of radical change?
John Mergen, Executive Media Director, The Shipyard 
Fiona Benmayor, Senior Analyst, North America Media & Consumer Data, PepsiCo, Inc. 
Hannah Son, Director, User Acquisition, JibJab 
Eric Tsai, VP, Marketing and Analytics, Joybird 
4:10 PM ET
Sponsor Spotlight - "Cross-Platform TV & the Power of the Impression: Welcome to ADvantage XP"
4:20 PM ET
Cancer Treatment Centers of America Case Study: Going Geo: Precision Targeting The Video Story
Reaching the right audiences, in the right places, at the right time, during a global pandemic can be challenging. Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) reached prospective patients through a targeted OTT/CTV campaign that informed patients of nearby facilities available for treatment. CTCA and Merkle share learnings that resulted in a cost per conversion of 60% lower than the cross-channel average.
Trevor Hadick, Sr. Manager, Analytics, Merkle 
Ivan Stamenov, VP Marketing Operations & Technology, Cancer Treatment Centers of America 
4:40 PM ET
Sponsor Spotlight - "Connecting Workflow for a Connected TV World"
4:50 PM ET
Case Study
5:10 PM ET
For 15 years the Insider Summit Round Tables have been where marketers bring their questions, challenges and insights for one another to share in casual, off-the-record conversation. This Virtual Insider Summit is no different.  Webcams and Mics ON. Recording and reporting OFF.  Discuss amongst yourselves!
5:10 PM ET
Roundtable: Making the Most of UGC
With traditional production severely constrained marketers turned to influencers, partners and consumers themselves to fill the rapid-fire needs of a fluid advertising environment. What did they learn about maintaining brand safety, hitting schedules, measuring results? Has the creative bar been lowered once and for all?
Brandon Miller, Digital Marketing Manager, Land O' Lakes, Inc. 
Kirsten Wright, VP Marketing/Director Social Media, SCS 

Wednesday, 03/03

Day 2 - Video First Commerce
3:00 PM ET
Welcome Back: Survey Report - ALL times EST
Lisa Singer, Event Editorial Manager, MediaPost 
3:05 PM ET
Fireside Chat: Eos Stays the Course During Pandemic
COVID-19 forced companies to reevaluate their marketing strategies. Plans were put on hold and budgets cut, given the unpredictable environment. Coming off a recent brand reboot, skin care company, Eos, met those challenges head on with not one, but two new product launches. CMO, Soyoung Kang shares with us the strategy behind it, how they adapted and her one imperative moving forward.
Soyoung Kang, Chief Marketing Officer, eos 
Lisa Singer, Event Editorial Manager, MediaPost 
3:35 PM ET
3:45 PM ET
Sponsor Spotlight - "Customize Addressable CTV Audiences in Real-Time"
3:55 PM ET
Panel: Screens, Screens, Everywhere: YouTube, TikTok and Beyond
How and where are marketers leveraging video? E-commerce became a lifeline for consumers, YouTube viewing surged, and TikTok turned into the flavor of the year, but how are brands using and measuring its effectiveness? Our panel explores how these emerging opportunities are reshaping video strategy.
Albert Thompson, Managing Director, Digital, Walton Isaacson 
Matt Myers, Head of Customer Acquisition, Haven Life 
John Porte, VP, Cross Channel Paid Media, Wells Fargo 
Taylor Rock, Acquisition Marketing Manager, DTC, The Clorox Company 
4:25 PM ET
Sponsor Spotlight - "Driving Omnichannel, Data-Driven, and Accountable Media"
4:35 PM ET
Keynote Interview
John Sheldon, CMO, SmileDirectClub 
Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
5:00 PM ET
For 15 years the Insider Summit Round Tables have been where marketers bring their questions, challenges and insights for one another to share in casual, off-the-record conversation. This Virtual Insider Summit is no different.  Webcams and Mics ON. Recording and reporting OFF.  Discuss amongst yourselves!
5:00 PM ET
Roundtable: Live Video
Everything old is new again. As the world goes VOD, live streams took advantage of the always-on viewer. But how can brands decide whether and where to use the live opportunities across FB, YouTube, Instagram and even TikTok. How are early practitioners leveraging the intimacy and immediacy of this connection to consumers?
Albert Thompson, Managing Director, Digital, Walton Isaacson 

Featured Speakers

Trevor Hadick

Sr. Manager, Analytics

Soyoung Kang

Chief Marketing Officer

Brandon Miller

Land O' Lakes, Inc.
Digital Marketing Manager

Matt Myers

Haven Life
Head of Customer Acquisition

John Porte

Wells Fargo
VP, Cross Channel Paid Media

Taylor Rock

The Clorox Company
Acquisition Marketing Manager, DTC

John Sheldon


Hannah Son

Director, User Acquisition

Ivan Stamenov

Cancer Treatment Centers of America
VP Marketing Operations & Technology

Eric Tsai

VP, Marketing and Analytics

Fiona Benmayor

PepsiCo, Inc.
Senior Analyst, North America Media & Consumer Data

John Mergen

The Shipyard
Executive Media Director

Lisa Singer

Event Editorial Manager

Steve Smith

VP, Editorial Director, Events

Albert Thompson

Walton Isaacson
Managing Director, Digital

Kirsten Wright

VP Marketing/Director Social Media

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