Email Marketing Creativity

  • Best Use of Dynamic Email Content

    Email Campaigns whose content is personalized based upon audience/list segmentation and/or elements of the email copy.

  • Best Email Newsletter

    Newsletter that increases brand loyalty/sales through a mix of informational and product-focused content to existing and potential customers.

  • AI/Machine Learning/Data Driven Marketing

    Best use of AI, Machine and/or Data Driven Marketing in an email campaign for targeting and/or personalization.

  • Content Marketing

    Email campaigns that have informative and product placement content as a key marketing tool to increase brand loyalty and sales. Excludes newsletters.

  • Best Use of Interactive Emails

    Best use of enriched emails that recipients interact with. Includes video, animation, embedding social feeds, polling, live shopping carts.

  • Loyalty or Membership Programs

    Email campaigns that are a key element in a brand's loyalty or membership program.

  • Lifecycle Programs

    Email campaigns that are a key element in maximizing the lifetime value of a customer

  • Multiple Messaging

    Email campaigns that use multiple (3 or more) forms of messaging, such as SMS, app alerts, social messaging and direct mail.

  • Sales/Contests/Offers

    Email campaigns that elicit optimal timely responses to deadlines for sales, contests, and other time sensitive offers

  • Transactional/E-Commerce

    Emails that drive e-commerce transactions, including cart abandonment efforts.

Email Marketing Sector Campaigns

  • Automotive

    Email campaigns for car companies, dealers, auto insurance providers and auto suppliers

  • Business To Business

    Email campaigns for business to business information and/or sales and marketing of products and services to business professionals

  • Consumer Products

    Email campaign for a marketer of mass produced and marketed consumer goods.

  • Entertainment

    Email campaigns promoting games/gaming, music or TV or other forms of entertainment, including movies.

  • Fashion/Beauty/Cosmetics

    Email campaigns for marketers of fashion, beauty and/or cosmetic products, including beauty aids, hair, makeup, fragrance and skincare products

  • Financial

    Email campaigns for banks, investment companies, credit cards, mutual funds or other financial services

  • Political

    Email campaigns for political parties and causes

  • Publishing - Online and Off

    Email campaigns that market online and/or offline publications of all types. Includes loyalty programs and subscription drives.

  • Retail

    Email campaign promoting an online or offline retailer of products and services of any kind.

  • Travel/Tourism

    Email campaings promoting travel/tourism. Includes transactional and loyalty campaigns.

  • Wildcard

    Email campaign for any other marketing sector not covered in the above categories.