Email Marketing Creativity

  • Best Use of Data Driven Marketing

    Email campaigns that most effectively use audience segmentation, targeting and other strategies based upon data.

  • Best Use of Dynamic Email Content

    Email Campaigns whose content is dynamically personalized based upon audience interaction with elements of the creative.

  • Best Email Newsletter

    Editorial newsletters by publishing organizations.

  • Best Use of Marketing Automation

    Best use of AI and/or machine learning in an email campaign.

  • Content Marketing

    Email campaigns and/or promotional newsletters that utilize informative content as the key marketing tool to increase brand loyalty and sales.

  • Lifecycle/Loyalty/Membership Programs

    Email campaigns that promote and advance a brand's loyalty programs and help to maximize lifetime value.

  • Sales/Contests/Offers

    Email campaigns that elicit a response to deadlines for sales, contests, and other time sensitive offers

  • Seasonal Creative

    Email campaigns that creatively use the seasonal nature of their product to generate leads or sales

  • Use Of Video

    Email that effectively use videos or gifs