Online Advertising Creativity

  • Advertising/Promotion Website or Microsite

    Website designed primarily as an advertisement or promotion for a product or service.

  • Animation

    Campaign that uses animation as a key creative element.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Any execution or campaign that utilizes AI technology as a marketing platform , including chat bots.

  • Banner: Standard/Flash/Rich Media

    Single creative execution of a non-expandable banner that uses a gif, animated gif, jpeg, Flash or JS/HTML/HTML5 technology.

  • Content Marketing: Single Execution

    Single creative execution integrating advertising into/or within content, including product placement or branded content within publishers' websites.

  • Content Marketing: Campaign

    Online campaign of a series of marketing elements including product placements or branded content.

  • Contest/Promotion/Sweepstakes

    Single creative execution of a contest, promotion or sweepstakes for advertising purposes.

  • Email: Single Execution

    Single email execution for sales, advertising or marketing purposes.

  • Email: Campaign

    Campaign of multiple emails for sales, advertising or marketing purposes.

  • Home Page Takeover

    Single creative execution of a home page takeover.

  • Humor

    Single creative execution or campaign utilizing humor as the primary creative element.

  • Interactive Creative

    Single creative execution or ad campaign utilizing interactivity as the primary creative element

  • Gaming

    Single creative execution or ad campaign utilizing gaming, or advertising that incorporates a game or gaming application

  • Mobile: Single Execution

    A single execution (banner ad, SMS, landing page, etc.) in a mobile environment or using mobile marketing techniques.

  • Mobile Marketing: All Mobile Campaign

    A campaign of multiple mobile ad executions or mobile components (apps, social, mobile video, SMS, mobile landing pages, etc).

  • Mobile: App

    Downloaded or web-based application built for a mobile/wireless device that advertises a product or service.

  • Mobile: Integration Cross Platform

    Best Integration of mobile techniques into a cross platform campaign (mobile plus some combination of other online elements and/or offline media).

  • Music/Sound Effects

    Single execution or campaign that uses music or sound effects as a primary creative element

  • Native Advertising: Single Execution

    Single execution of an ad format that attempts to integrate advertiser content seamlessly into a publisher's website.

  • Native Advertising: Campaign

    Campaign in native ad formats across 3 or more sites, each execution providing seamlessly integrated advertiser content.

  • Photography

    Single execution or campaign that uses compelling photogtaphy as a key creative elment

  • Programmatic Creative

    Single execution or advertising campaign utilizing dynamically generated programmatic creative as the primary creative element.

  • Rich Display Media: Single Execution

    Single execution of an expandable banner, over-page unit or other creative that deploys HTML5, Flash-based or other rich media in a display environment

  • Rich Media: Campaign

    Campaign of three or more rich media ads – gifs, animated gifs, HTML5, Flash and/or other rich-media infused.

  • Search Marketing: SEM Campaign

    Campaign of three or more executions using paid search.

  • Search Marketing: SEO Campaign

    Campaign to improve a client's natural search results. NOTE: Results will be based upon campaign strategy and results, not creative elements

  • Social: Facebook Campaign

    Social marketing campaign through Facebook page or pages

  • Social: Twitter Campaign

    Social Marketing campaign using Twitter as its primary distribution mechanism.

  • Social: Use of Single Platform, Other

    Social campaign utilizing another social platform other than Facebook or Twitter

  • Social: Campaign Across Platforms

    Marketing campaign that appears in 3 or more social media environments, or a campaign of social media elements across multiple platforms

  • UX/UI

    All platforms eligible. Sites will be judged on both UX and concomitant interface elements such as design, clarity, ease of use, effiective calls to action.

  • User-Generated Content

    Single creative execution or campaign of advertising utilizing user-generated content as the primary creative element.

  • Video: Facebook

    Single execution or campaign (3 or more videos) through Facebook page or pages.

  • Video: Single Execution, Other

    Video, single execution on a platform other than Facebook.

  • Video: Campaign

    Campaign of 3 or more video executions intended as advertising for a brand, product or service.

  • Viral Campaign

    Marketing initiative or campaign achieving viral distribution

  • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

    Any campaign that uses virtual or augmented reality as the key creative element.

  • Wearables/IoT Platform

    Campaign or single execution that uses wearables or an IoT platform as a marketing tool for sales/consumer engagement.

Online Marketing

  • Activism/Public Service

    Online campaign for a cause, charity, non-profit advocacy, public service project or for a brand campaign that distributes all profits to charity

  • Apparel/Fashion

    Any campaign for a clothier, department store, designer, apparel maker/retailer, or fashion brand.

  • Automotive: Campaign

    Online campaigns for car companies, dealers, auto insurance providers, auto suppliers.

  • Beverage (alcoholic)

    Campaigns for beer/wine/liquor makers/distributors. Also includes bars and websites marketing beer, wine and alcoholic beverages.

  • Beverage (non-alcoholic)

    Campaigns for makers/distributors of soft drinks, juices, coffee, energy drinks, water and other non-alcoholic beverages. Includes campaigns for coffee and tea shops.

  • Business-to-Business Campaigns

    Campaigns for business to business information and/or sales and marketing of products and services to business professionals.

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

    Any campaign for a marketer of mass produced, short-lived consumer goods that are promoted and/or distributed online or via digital tools and techniques.

  • Entertainment: Movies

    Campaigns for films, film producers/distributors, movies and their websites.

  • Entertainment: Games/Music/TV/Other

    Campaigns promoting games/gaming, music or TV or other forms of entertainment, excluding movies.

  • Fashion/Beauty/Cosmetics: Campaign

    Campaigns for marketers of fashion, beauty and/or cosmetic products, including beauty aids, hair, makeup, fragrance and skincare products.

  • Financial Services

    Campaigns for banks, investment companies, credit cards, mutual funds or other financial services.

  • Health/Wellness: Campaign

    Campaigns marketing goods, services and regimens to promote health and wellness.

  • House/Home Campaign

    Campaigns for household products and services for the home. Topics include gardening, home building and repair, interior design, architecture, home goods and other related subjects. Home improvement related commerce sites are also included here.

  • Pharmaceuticals

    Campaigns for pharmaceutical products. B2B and B2C

  • Retail

    Any campaign promoting an online or offline retailer of products and services of any kind. Also includes auction sites and retail aggregators.

  • Sports/Live Events

    Campaigns promoting live events, including sports events, sports teams or seasonal programs of venues.

  • Technology : Gadgets & Devices

    Any campaign for online or offline software/hardware makers/distributors, wireless carriers and service providers, appliance and consumer electronics makers.

  • Technology/Web Services

    Any campaign for technology and/or Internet services offered to consumers and businesses.

  • Travel/Tourism Campaigns

    Campaigns for airlines, hotels, travel search engines, destinations, cruises, car rentals.

  • Website Campaign

    Campaigns to launch and establish a new or substantially redesigned website or online service.

  • Business-to-Business Website

    Websites for business to business information and/or marketing of products and services to business professionals.

  • Causes/Charity/Non-Profit Organization Website

    Websites for charities and non-profits or for organizations or brands that distribute all or most of any profits directly to charitable organizations or causes, including religious and educational organizations.

  • Entertainment: Games/Movies/Music/Sports/TV

    Any game or gaming website or website about movies, music, sports or TV.

  • Fashion/Beauty/Cosmetics Website

    Any website with content principally devoted to apparel/fashion, beauty/cosmetics, health/beauty aids, hair/makeup, skincare, and/or commentary or content.

  • Health/Wellness Website

    Any website with content principally about improving personal health and well-being. Includes medical news sites, health information, online diagnosis, and mental health and fitness Web sites.

  • Retail/Restaurants Websites

    Any website for a retailer, retail chain, restaurant, restaurant chain, or online or offline retailer of products and services of any kind.