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MediaPost Summits feature mornings that include Keynotes, Case Studies, and Panels that feature the top minds in the industry. The afternoons are a selection of activities that allow for the attendees it network over exciting outings. The evenings bring the group back together for cocktails and unforgettable dinner experiences. The most up to date theme of the conference can be found on the homepage of the event.

Please check back for Agenda updates. Meanwhile please take a look at the content from the previous Summit.

Previous Event Agenda
Search Insider Summit: Apr 2018

6:30 PM Welcome Cocktail Reception
8:00 AM Registration & Breakfast
8:15 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation Bing - 2016 LOGO

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8:44 AM Day 1 Content Sessions
8:45 AM Opening Remarks
Ross Fadner , Director, Event Programming ,MediaPost
9:00 AM Keynote Q&A: Separating Search From Media


Virginia Tonning , Global Manager of Paid Search Marketing ,Schneider Electric
Ross Fadner , Director, Event Programming ,MediaPost
9:30 AM Presentation: GDPR Is Coming – Are Search Marketers Ready?

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most significant change to consumer privacy laws in decades and the enforcement date is approximately 1 month away. The standards for data collection and use in the EU will significantly differ from those in the United States.  This session will breakdown the differences and discuss methods for compliance going forward.

Gary Kibel , Partner ,Davis & Gilbert LLP
10:00 AM Coffee Break & Sponsor Spotlight Perform Media - 2017

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10:30 AM Panel: Connecting Search to Offline

Designing a multichannel campaign for multiple locations that tracks consumers from online and into stores has become easier with tools from Google, Facebook and other platforms, allowing brands to tie in-store point-of-sale systems into campaigns, so brands know what consumers purchased at a specific brick-and-mortar location after searching for a given product. Join us as experts share their experiences connecting search to offline conversions.

Laurie Sullivan , Editor, Search Marketing Daily ,MediaPost
Clayton McLaughlin , SVP, Managing Director US ,Ecselis
Susan Scholler , Group Director, Audience Planning ,iCrossing
Drue Townsend , Senior Vice President of Marketing ,FASTSIGNS International, Inc.
Scott Vanags , Director of SEO and Sales Performance ,AT&T
11:15 AM Panel: Getting Triggered (Going Negative)

The major search plarforms continue to dilute exact match terms. Close variants, plurals, adverbs, word order and even function words can easily change the intent of a query. Maintaining a well-developed negative keyword list can keep your ads from getting triggered on irrelevant words and terms. Experts on this panel will share advice and tips to increase the effectiveness of your search campaigns.

Steven Gibson , Client Director of Search ,Canvas Worldwide
Pierson Curtis , Manager, Growth Marketing ,Grubhub
Maya Gumennik , Senior Director, Paid Traffic ,Smarter Travel/TripAdvisor
Amy McClain , Director, Search and Performance Marketing ,Beeby Clark + Meyler
Bill Riddell , Digital Media Manager ,Chacka Marketing
12:00 PM Roundtables

Preparing for GDPR - Gary Kibel, Partner, Davis & Gilbert LLP
Shopper Marketing 101: Activation to Execution -Jai Amin, Senior Director, Paid Search, Jellyfish
Connecting Paid Media to Offline Sales - Freeman Setrana, Digital Marketing Manager, Paid Media, The Home Depot
Maximizing ROI with Negative Keywords - Steven Gibson, Client Director of Search, Canvas Worldwide

12:45 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Sponsor Luncheon Presentation Invoca - 2017

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2:00 PM Afternoon Activities
5:30 PM One on One Meetings
6:30 PM Sunset Cruise Cocktail Party

Aboard the famous Lady Chadwick!

8:00 PM Dinner Reception
9:30 PM After Party LiveRampPerform Media - 2017

At Harbourside Grill - Near the dinner location

8:00 AM Breakfast
8:30 AM Day 2 Content Sessions
8:45 AM Keynote Q&A: Building Brands…In Two Weeks Or Less

Movie marketers thread a small needle. They have a narrow window in which to build recognition, enthusiasm and ticket sales mostly for new, unfamiliar properties. And yet each product has its own potential audience profile and journey. Annapurna Pictures walks us through two recent and very different releases, and how they customized and integrated their search, YouTube and social plans to penetrate a customer mindset that often doesn’t even make their movie-going choice until the last second.

Josh Jones , Digital Strategy Director ,Annapurna Pictures
Steve Smith , VP, Editorial Director, Events ,MediaPost
9:15 AM Panel: Using Search for Brand Awareness

For most search advertisers, using search to generate brand awareness is not a new concept, but how are they measuring success today? What tools and strategies have proven most successful? How are third parties helping tie data sources together to measure the impact of search and display network branding?

Ross Fadner , Director, Event Programming ,MediaPost
Juan Badiola , Senior Search Manager ,Electronic Arts
Bryan Benavides , Director of Digital Marketing ,Abt Electronics
Chandni Shah , Media Strategist ,VSA Partners
Matt Tingley , Director of SEO ,Huge
10:00 AM Q&A: Incrementality in Attribution

Alex Sutton III, digital acquisition and digital data strategistat Avis Budget Group, is obsessed with incrementality. His goal is to optimize the company’s media spend around this practice, and attribution is how he measures the effectiveness. Sutton defines incrementality as a desired action or outcome that likely would not have occurred if the marketing plan was not in place. That action might include a car reservation or a “qualified” consumer coming to the website to search for a specific car. Join Sutton as he walks through incrementality’s influence on attribution.

Alex Sutton III , Digital Acquisition, Digital Data Strategist ,Avis Budget Group
Laurie Sullivan , Editor, Search Marketing Daily ,MediaPost
10:30 AM Coffee Break & Sponsor Spotlight Kenshoo - 2017

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11:00 AM Panel: Combining Search and Social: Best Practices

For digital marketers, “growth” is typically the operative goal by which they are judged, especially when it comes to paid search and paid social. These days, many brands and agencies are melding their search and social departments together. What are some best practices for combining the two? How do you develop consistent messaging on different platforms that offer different formats and tools? How do you identify and then differentiate messaging between customers and prospects?

Otmara "Omi" Diaz-Cooper , CEO ,Diaz & Cooper
Shamsul Chowdhury , VP, Paid Search & Social ,Mediahub
Shane Jennings , Manager, Paid Media ,ArcBest Corp
Richard Mastriani , VP, Digital Experience & Marketing ,AmVenture
Amber Verhulst , Paid Media Strategist ,Ciceron
11:45 AM Discussion: Combining Search and Shopping: Product Listing Ads

Product Listing Ads (PLAs), now offered on a variety of search platforms, are becoming an increasingly important part of search marketers’ responsibilities. How do PLAs currently fit into your paid search media mix? What are you learning from running these campaigns? What new opportunities have PLAs unearthed for your brand or client, and what challenges, too?

Steven Gibson , Client Director of Search ,Canvas Worldwide
Jai Amin , Senior Director, Paid Search ,Jellyfish
Chris D'Onofrio , Senior Partner, Group Director, Search Social ,MediaCom
Brian Jolson , Head of Paid Search, mPlatform, US ,GroupM
12:15 PM Roundtables

Using Search for Brand Awareness, only - Juan Badiola, Senior Media Buyer, Electronic Arts
Brand Awareness Tools: Search and Display Networks - Alex Porter, CEO, Location3
Weighing Every Touchpoint: Data-Driven Attribution - Bryan Benavides, Director of Digital Marketing, Abt Electronics and Michael Jablonski, Director, Paid Media, PMX Agency
Synergies Between Paid Search and Shopping
- Chris D’Onofrio, Sr. Partner Group Director Search Social, Mediacom

1:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Afternoon Activities
6:30 PM Cocktail Party
7:30 PM Dinner Reception
8:00 AM Breakfast
8:30 AM Day 3 Content Sessions
9:00 AM Keynote Q&A: Converting without Selling Directly

In our final Keynote Q&A, kaleo Director of Marketing Keith Burke will walk us through the scope of the pharma upstart’s paid and organic search programs and show us how its campaigns targeting different customer segments tie into paid, owned and earned media efforts across various platforms. How does a pharma company that doesn’t sell directly gain new customers and retain existing ones through paid search? How is it tracking conversions and ROI through what can be a complex customer journey?

Keith Burke , Director of Marketing ,kaléo
Ross Fadner , Director, Event Programming ,MediaPost
9:30 AM Panel: Optimizing New Search Platforms

How are search marketers experimenting with the newest search platforms like voice, mega marketplaces and app stores? What are they learning from these platforms, and how are they testing and optimizing? Can they tie learnings to other channels? What can brands meaningfully expect from the newest search platforms and why is it important to be involved in early product tests?

Steven Gibson , Client Director of Search ,Canvas Worldwide
Alex Porter , CEO ,Location3
Dan Toplitt , VP, SEO ,Reprise Media
10:00 AM Panel: Failing Forward: Accidental Successes

Have you ever run a campaign or conducted a test that may have originally failed only for it to teach you something unexpected? In this session, search marketers weigh in on how failing forward can lead to unexpected insights and even, rewards.

Ross Fadner , Director, Event Programming ,MediaPost
Jared Del Prete , Group Digital Director ,SYZYGY
Tatjana Kudla , Director of Digital Marketing ,LegalZoom
10:30 AM Roundtables

Leveraging Emerging Search PlatformsDan Toplitt, VP, SEO, Reprise Media
Failing Forward: Accidental Successes - Cody Watkins, Paid Search Strategist Progrexion 

11:00 AM Conference End

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