August 24 - 27, 2016The Resort at Squaw Creek, Lake Tahoe, CA


Programming the Cross-Channel Machine: Building Customer Experiences

“Follow the consumer – chase the fragmenting media!” The rallying cry of recent years has led many marketers on a zig-zag goose chase to capture shards of media “moments” and seconds of attention in a chaotic new multi-channel media environment. But what's the use of all the marketing tech, the countless channels, and the mounds of data if they aren’t serving first and foremost the brand’s goals and their core customer experiences? How can marketers stop fetishizing technology and channels and start making these tools build deeper, more sustained and meaningful connections with consumers themselves?

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Brand Marketers Summit - Cross-Channel 2016 Attendees Include:

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Conference Content Programmer

Steve SmithEditorial Director, Events, MediaPost 

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"The Summit had the perfect mix of retailers, agencies and vendors to generate a lot of ideas... I look forward to attending again."
Carri Lukasik
Marketing Manager, 
The Walt Disney Company

"A fantastic event for learning and sharing with thought leaders. Gave an outstanding forward look into the world of brand experience management."
Thomas Panchak
Sr. Director, Digital Marketing Johnson & Johnson

Attendees of the MediaPost Summits Empower Their Organizations

-Optimize your digital marketing strategy by participating in top quality content

-Congenial summit experience with no one-on-ones and all attendees working together to enhance digital marketing programs 

-Be a real part of driving the digital industry forward 

-Unparalleled networking with other senior level digital marketing professionals and development of lifelong professional contacts 

-Editorially driven content and structure to promote professional summit experience for real knowledge exchange during the daytime hours 

-Actual capped attendance in order to ensure meaningful, productive networking so all attendees leave really knowing and learning from their fellow participants


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MediaPost strives for excellence in its coverage of media, marketing and advertising. Our mission is to critically engage key questions for brand marketers, media buyers, sellers and emerging platforms. We choose speakers exclusively for their ability to bring perspective and insight to our stage. All conferences are programmed by proven, expert, unbiased journalists. MediaPost has never and will never engage in "pay to play" conferencing.