June 20 - 22, 2013The American Club - Kohler, WI


Real Time Marketing: Time And Data Wait For No Brand

The marketing buzzwords are pouring as hot and heavy as ever, but this year Big Data, Customer Experience and Real Time Responsiveness landed squarely on the brand CMO’s desk. Massive online and offline inputs of transactional, behavioral and social data gush in real time. They demand rapid response and optimization of all messages. Ultimately, the promise of this big data waterfall is deeper understanding of the customer and a brand’s new ability to build consumer experiences that slip into and improve rather than interrupt consumers’s lives. At the second Mediapost Brand Marketers Summit we decode and demystify the buzzwords and see how (and whether) companies move beyond marketing fashion and put these concepts into practice.

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At both a strategic and tactical level, the Summit will engage how data, real time systems and the new focus on the consumer experience are changing everything about marketing. We ask, what is a brand when it is now actively talking and modifying its message in real time with consumers? What kinds of organizations are needed to both walk the new analytics walk and talk the real time socially engaged talk all at once? What impact does big data and rapid response branding have on traditional campaign planning and creative, on attribution, on internal organization?

Once again the consumer is ahead of the marketer. She is hyper-connected and ready to tell you where she is, what she needs and even what he thinks of you. Is your brand ready to be as ‘always-on’ as your customer?                  

The Summit is designed to share leading edge information and experience in a think-tank environment. The experiences of leading marketers will be shared demonstrating how they have transformed customer acquisition, retention and interaction.

The agenda will cover a wide array of topics of crucial significance to today’s marketer, including:

·      The Role of the Re-engineered CMO

·      How Online Conversations Shape the Brand

·      Integrating Media and Creative in a Siloed Agency World

·      How to Connect the Dots in the Fractured World of Measurement

Attendees will also hear how a small brand used YouTube to become one of the top three brand channels, get a look at mobile ads that hit – and those that miss, and discover how to budget for experimental platforms.

MediaPost Summits are never all work. We'll have exciting and fun afternoon recreational activities as well as elegant evening events that will take maximum advantage of the resort’s amenities.

The MediaPost Summits have been hosted and perfected for the last five years for the Email, Search, Social, and Mobile categories. The MediaPost Brand Marketer's Summit marks a pinnacle moment for marketers by offering them a true summit steeped in actionable knowledge from the industry's publishing and events leader.

Summit attendees include:

Word Class Networking at America's Top Golf Resort

What People are Saying about MediaPost's Summit Series:

"The Summit had the perfect mix of retailers, agencies and vendors to generate a lot of ideas... I look forward to attending again."
Carri Lukasik
Marketing Manager, 
The Walt Disney Company

"A fantastic event for learning and sharing with thought leaders. Gave an outstanding forward look into the world of brand experience management."
Thomas Panchak
Sr. Director, Digital Marketing Johnson & Johnson

Attendees of the MediaPost Summits Empower Their Organizations

-Optimize your digital marketing strategy by participating in top quality content

-Congenial summit experience with no one-on-ones and all attendees working together to enhance digital marketing programs 

-Be a real part of driving the digital industry forward 

-Unparalleled networking with other senior level digital marketing professionals and development of lifelong professional contacts 

-Editorially driven content and structure to promote professional summit experience for real knowledge exchange during the daytime hours 

-Actual capped attendance in order to ensure meaningful, productive networking so all attendees leave really knowing and learning from their fellow participants