Sponsorship at the MediaPost Brand Marketer Summit is very limited. Please contact Jon Whitfield to request a sponsorship prospectus to begin the conversation and discover the benefits of a summit sponsorship. 

Please click on the following link to review the sponsorship packages that are available. Brand Marketers Summit Sponsorship Packet (pdf)

Jon Whitfield / VP, Events / 212-204-2025 /

“I learned a lot from brands I don't normally hear from at the Social Media Insider Summit. This is huge considering after a while, as a speaker or panelist, you tend to do much more talking than learning if you're among the same group of folks over and over at each conference. It was great to learn fresh new information and hear perspectives I hadn't before. As an aside, I feel the vendor presentations were especially useful. I actually ended up partnering with a vendor from the Summit based on conversations and presentations they showed attendees."

Chelsea Marti, Social Media Manager, TurboTax