Virtual Event - July 28 - 29, 2020

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D2C Meets Big Branding

The great Direct-to-Consumer retail disruption has reached every imaginable category – from razors to connoisseur sneakers, custom pet food to dental braces. But this new generation of native digital brands now needs to scale – via traditional omnichannel and retail venues, TV and offline media. Meanwhile, many disrupted legacy brands are learning from the DTC upstarts – how to put digital first, reorganize marketing around unified data and even launch new DTC products and channels of their own.


D2C 2.0: From Scale to Sustainability

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands spent their first years scaling fast and building brand profile. But as customer acquisition costs crush margins, as cluttered segments battle for mind and market share, and as the limits of growth become clearer, the focus shifts to sustainability. At the second MediaPost Brand Insider Summit focusing on the DTC sector we explore that next stage of marketing and brand strategy – towards CRM, data mining, product development and customer lifetime value.

We will explore:

- Next generation CRM and the deeper customer relationship
- Data-driven product development
- Balancing customer acquisition costs against LTV
- Media strategy in cluttered markets
- In-house marketing vs. outsourcing
- Staffing up for the next stage