New Orleans, LA - June 4 - 7, 2023

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After advertising as usual, then what? As marketers lose faith is traditional interruptive formats, and even start to doubt the effectiveness of digital to build their brands, media companies that hope to see 2022 need a five-year plan that look beyond the usual "content is king" mantra.



Publishing Insider Summit

The Publishing Insider Summit is a three-day event that brings together the brightest minds in the business to share leading-edge information and experiences in a think-tank environment, while exploring new technology, strategies and tactics for Publishers.

For the Summit we bring in 50 top buyers responsible for marketing strategies and budgets in Publishing to network, debate and share best practices. Attendance for the Summits are capped to ensure conversations, learnings and overall experiences are intimate, productive and highly useful. Each day is comprised of high-impact content sessions in the morning coupled with unmatched networking activities in the afternoons. We return each evening with Cocktail receptions, fine Dining experiences, and After-hours fun.

The end result is a highly unique format that's intimate, inclusive and memorable on all fronts - an experience that allows everyone the opportunity to build REAL relationships well beyond that of a simple exchange of a business card.


Winning the Engagement Economy

The age of “impressions” is over. In a digitally distracted mediascape of fragmented attention – engagement is the name of the game for publishers now. Whether it is deepening direct connections to consumers, delivering real impact for advertisers, or building trust in your brand – quality matters now more than quantity.

At the annual fall edition of the Publishing Insider Summit in Austin media companies share the many ways they are getting beyond chasing scale and instead building engagement.

By widening the palette of paid, subscription and ad-supported media products for consumers. 

By integrating advertisers more deeply into the content experience.

By leveraging new experiential channels like events, podcasts, digital radio and smart speakers to make deeper connections with users.

By building bridges with social influencers for their own media brands and for marketing partners.

By leveraging data to inform both personalized advertising and more personally meaningful editorial.

“Impressions” and “eyeballs” are so 20th Century. “Scale” is so 2016. Quality must trump mere quantity if media expect to build sustainable businesses into the next decades. At the Austin Summit, Engagement is the watchword.


Diversification 2.0: Finding Synergy in the Streams

Diversifying the revenue streams is any reasonable media mogul's response to digital disruption and the oligopoly. But how do all of these streams publishers have been cultivating in recent years add up to a single business strategy?