Austin, TX - October 2 - 5, 2019

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Diversification 2.0: Finding Synergy in the Streams

Diversifying the revenue streams is any reasonable media mogul's response to digital disruption and the oligopoly. But how do all of these streams publishers have been cultivating in recent years add up to a single business strategy?


Customer-First Publishing: Media Is The New CPG

Content is a product and audiences are customers. Publishers finally are responding to the crisis in the media business by thinking and acting more like consumer product manufacturers. Content is still king, to be sure. But media brands are adopting the techniques of customer-first marketing - a new emphasis on audience analysis, on product development, on revenue-per-user, lifetime value and even customer service.


Rethinking the Basics: Restoring The Direct-To-Audience Relationship

No more go-betweens. No more "disintermediation." Publishers have woken up to how platforms and ad tech spent a decade getting between them and their audiences - shaving off trust, user experience, and revenue along the way. At the spring edition of MediaPost's Publishing Insider Summit media brands share their learnings about restoring a more direct connection to their consumer.



Audience Is King: The New Math of Media 2022

After advertising as usual, then what? As marketers lose faith is traditional interruptive formats, and even start to doubt the effectiveness of digital to build their brands, media companies that hope to see 2022 need a five-year plan that look beyond the usual "content is king" mantra.


Venue, Video, Viewing: The 3 Vs of Publishing in 2017

Circumstances are driving media change, and publishers are scrambling to stay ahead of the curve. Platforms dominate distribution and they seem to morph and fragment by the month. Video is the new text, but traditional publishers are struggling to scale production and distribution along with a reliable business model. And consumers have taken control. After ad blocking comes the challenge of rebuilding a better user experience and recalibrating the commercial/consumer balance that seems to have teetered.

Venue, Video, Viewing – platform distribution, streaming media, user experience. At the annual Fall Publishing Insider Summit we dedicate a day of presentations, cases, discussions and roundtables to each of these key challenges for every publishers.

Hot on the heels of the Austin City Limits Music Festival, Mediapost brings publishers together to build their to-do lists for the coming year.  


How Do Publishers Monetize The Next New Media Consumer?

The five Ws (and one H) of journalism are now being applied to the new media consumer that drives publishers business models. Who, what, when, where, why and how – are device, empowered, always-on, media drenched consumers finding and using content? The basics of discovery and use are changing rapidly – across devices, fragmented around the day, via social and search channels, in and out of third party apps, and under countless new circumstances.

At MediaPost's Spring Publishing Insider Summit we follow the new media consumer and explore the contours of a user-centric publishing future.


The Map To Monetization

So many promising revenue streams, so little time. No one knows yet what the sustainable media business of the future may be, but publishers do know that the clock is ticking on traditional business models that were driven by ad revenues, alone, market scarcity, and owning an audience. The only way forward is to test multiple paths to profitability at once. And you can’t do that without a map.


Publishers Get With the Program…matic

Automated ad buying systems, and the data-driven methods behind those systems, have helped reorient the advertising world as we have known it. Now it is Big Media’s turn. From programmatic ad inventory to advanced audience segmentation to SSPs, DMPs and private exchanges ... the publishing world is being transformed by real-time processes and Big Data just as surely as is advertising itself. At the first Mediapost Publishing Insider Summit we help media companies embrace, manage and monetize the data-driven revolution that is changing every enterprise.