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Previous Event Agenda
Content Marketing Insider Summit: Jun 2014

6:30 PM Welcome Cocktail Reception

Sanctuary Hotel:  Great Lawn

8:00 AM Registration Opens
8:15 AM Full Breakfast
9:00 AM Opening Remarks
Joe Mandese , Editor-in-Chief, MediaPost
Steve Smith , Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost
9:15 AM Keynote: The ABCs of Content Marketing

What are the fundamentals of content marketing? 360i’s Sarah Hofstetter will explore how her agency built a framework for creating authentic, relevant, sharable content and making it resonate in the competitive, rapidly-evolving digital landscape. Content marketing runs deeper than the latest newsroom models and platform updates. As Hofstetter explains, there is a timeless strategy for bringing content marketing to life and creating meaningful value exchanges between brands and consumers.

Sarah Hofstetter , CEO, 360i
9:45 AM Panel: Is Content a Strategy, a Tactic, or What?

We start the first Mediapost Content Marketing Insider Summit from the top level – What is a content strategy for a brand? How should marketers be mapping their goals, corporate identities and values while informing, educating and even entertaining through content? If one size does not fit all, then which size and color fits your brand? How does the “owned media” piece really fit within a larger marketing plan of “paid” and “earned” or do these categories even work here?

Bill Litfin , SVP, Digital Strategy, Moxie Interactive
Amy Bartle , Director, Media & Digital Marketing, La Quinta Inns & Suites
Kirk Cheyfitz , CEO, Story Worldwide
John Fredette , Manager, Global Media & Sponsorship Marketing, IBM
Tom Goodwin , Director, Tomorrow Innovations
Kevin Purcer , SVP, Director – Digital Strategy, Erwin Penland
10:30 AM Panel: Sellers to Storytellers: Building/Buying/Renting the Right Content Team

You are all publishers now, like it or not. The Web pretty much assured that. But, operationally, is the rise of content marketing changing staff, budget and departmental structures as deeply as has the rise of data and ad technology? How much of an editor/publisher does a marketer want to be, and how much should it rely on agency partners for newsroom and production responsibilities? And since so much of content marketing now occurs as conversations in real time environments, often involving multiple brands and geographic borders, how and where is accountability and approval being located? We explore how well-planned content strategies could and should impact how marketing works.

Bryan Wiener , Chairman, Expion
Adam Bow , Director of Content Strategy, Carat
Travis Flee , Director, Digital Brand Marketing, Focus Service & Extended Stay Brands, Hilton
Whitney Gibbs , Social Connections Platform Strategy, Coca-Cola
Kevin Nichols , Director and Global Practice Lead, Content Strategy, SapientNitro
11:15 AM Panel: Brand Newsroom Face-Off: Rapid Response In Action

Brand Newsrooms have been touted, hyped and sold to brands and agencies as the next “must have” in a post-ad world. But how do they really work? We invite representatives of three agencies that run newsroom operations to show us how they plan for, ideate, create and deploy for real time engagement with the zeitgeist. How much advance preparation of content and contingencies can be done? How do they handle crises and missteps? What does this process look like? Who does what when? We set these newsrooms in motion and kick the tires.

Joe Mandese , Editor-in-Chief, MediaPost
Ephraim Cohen , SVP and Senior Partner , FleishmanHillard
Eric Korsh , SVP, Brand Social & Content, DigitasLBi
Victor Pineiro , Vice President, Social Media, Big Spaceship
12:00 PM Roundtables

What Does a Content Strategy Look Like? - Table Lead: Kevin PurcerErwin Penland
Does Your Brand Really Need a ‘Newsroom?’ - Table Lead: Bryan Wiener, Expion
Rethinking Staff and Infrastructure in a Content-First Environment - Table Lead: Bill Liftin, Moxie Interactive

12:45 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Sponsor Lunch Presentation Federated Media
2:00 PM Afternoon Activities

Golf at the Ocean Course
Near Coastal and Reef Fishing
Marsh Kayaking
Kiawah Creatures Walking Tour

7:00 PM Cocktail Party

Ocean Golf Course lawn

8:00 PM Dinner Reception Taboola

PGA room at Ocean Course

7:30 AM Registration Opens
8:00 AM Full Breakfast
8:45 AM Welcome Back
9:00 AM Keynote: Marketing Accountability: Driving the New Standard

Accountability is not a new ‘claim’ as digital platforms have always been measurable. Yet, there is still of lack of clarity. How do you really drive accountability? In this presentation you'll learn how GE is working to make digital channels and tools from content to conversion accountable for all of their industrial and consumer businesses.

Andy Markowitz , Director, Global Digital Strategy, GE, Corporate Commercial and Communications
9:30 AM Panel: Beyond Branding: Can Content Really Drive Sales?

Content marketing is not just about the top of the funnel. Understanding how consumers accumulate information on their journey to purchase means putting the right content in the right place at the right moment. Is content a demonstrable, measurable driver of sales? How are marketers learning not only the art of the content-driven sale, but also leveraging the digital analytics and targeting technologies to optimize the process?

Jeff Melton , Chief Analytics and Media Officer, MRY
Tom Giovingo , National Mobile & Innovations Account Director, Yahoo
Tina Kelly , VP, Interactive Marketing, McMURRY/TMG
John McCrory , Content Strategy Director, Huge Inc
Dave Morse , Manager, Digital Marketing, Delta Faucet Company
Andrew Susman , President, Studio One Networks
10:15 AM Presentation: Before Your Jaw Drops: GoPro’s Content Art and Science

How hard can content marketing be when adrenaline junkies everywhere, from skateboarders to record breaking sky-divers, can strap their cams on their heads and send their videos far and wide? Dazzle, rinse and repeat, no? But as Lee Topar tells us, GoPro’s legendary digital content presence (half a billion YouTube views) is driven by more than breathtaking clips. It results from smart content partnerships, planned production, thoughtful curation and an understanding of trends. Timing, targeting, editing -- and talking with customers -- all sit behind the razzle dazzle.

Lee Topar , Director of Online Marketing, GoPro
10:30 AM Panel: From Native to Search: Scaling Your Content in a Post-Ad World

If content is the new advertising, then native formats like search and even new technologies like networked native appear to be the new distribution channels. We turn to the pipes – how branded content is actually getting seen and achieving scale through paid and social channels. Marketers have to get beyond “going viral” online and look for predictable, measurable, targeted deployments. How are native, search and social working together in a content plan?

Dan Rubin , Executive Director, Digital Strategy , MXM
Mike Grehan , Managing Director/CMO , Acronym
Mariana Rodriguez , Account Director , Beeby Clark+Meyler
Bruce Rogers , Chief Insights Officer, Forbes Media
Jeff Smith , VP South, Buzzfeed
Lee Topar , Director of Online Marketing, GoPro
11:15 AM Presentation: The Quest for Content Tools: How to Scale Efficiently

Producing content is hard, and most brands are unprepared to manage these assets across their companies. Capitol One’s Nicole Bohorad introduces our panel on content tools by relating her ongoing journey through the challenges and complexities of mapping out company needs, deciding how to structure a decision-making process and making a plan for reviewing a choosing technologies.

Nicole Bohorad , Senior Manager, Social Media Marketing, Capital One
11:30 AM Panel: Mechanical Pens: Finding the Right Content Tools to Write Your Story

Right on cue, when a trend in marketing gets hot, the tech startups rush in with promises of automating, streamlining and scaling it. But content marketing is such a loose confederacy of social, publishing and distribution techniques that it is hard for marketers just to organize their thinking about how to recognize and evaluate the many solutions. Listening tools, engagement platforms, content discovery and curation models, distribution options, measurement, analytics, reporting tools – oh my! Our panel of marketers and agencies who are actively vetting these opportunities share how they are organizing the hunt, evaluating options and building a coherent tool chest to manage the many kinds of assets that now live under the “content marketing” umbrella.

Jen Brady , Founder & CEO, Fred & Associates
Zach Barkus , Manager, Mobile & Emerging, Campbell Soup Company
Nicole Bohorad , Senior Manager, Social Media Marketing, Capital One
Ian Fitzpatrick , Chief Strategy Officer, Almighty
Marisa Guerrero , Social Media Specialist, Nautilus, Inc.
Marshall Wright , Director of Social Media, T3
12:15 PM Roundtables

Can Content Sell the Goods? - Table Lead: Tina Kelly, McMURRY/TMG
Content Distribution Strategies - Table Lead: Kaitlin MacLean, Staples
Can Native Advertising be Networked? - Table Lead: Dan Rubin, MXM

1:00 PM Lunch
1:15 PM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation wayin
2:00 PM Afternoon Activities

Turtle Point Golf Course
Dolphin Encounter and Shelling Charter
Wildlife in the Wetlands - Biking Tour
Stand-Up Paddleboarding

7:00 PM Cocktail Party

Mingo Point, on the banks of the Kiawah River

8:00 PM Dinner Reception

Mingo Point (outdoor)

7:30 AM Registration Opens
8:00 AM Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM Keynote Interview: The Evolution Of a Content Strategy … and Strategist

From actor (Jaws 2/Family Ties) to political operative (Dukakis ’88) to music industry manager/record label chief (Paisley Park Records/Boyz II Men), John Dukakis learned a few things about pivots and evolutions before landing in the ad world at Hill Holliday. We'll explore with John how evolution is a central theme in content marketing. From the not-Mad Men types who work best in this mileu to hard lessons learned in maintaining some of the longest running projects in the field -- Liberty Mutual’ s Responsibility Project and MLBs Fan Cave -- John will tell us about letting stories change and evolve.

John Dukakis , SVP Director of Content, Hill Holliday
Steve Smith , Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost
9:15 AM Panel: Content Contextualized: Cross-Channel Storytelling in a Multi-Screen Theater

The days of office-bound information-seekers leaning into branded Web sites and articles on desktop monitors is over. Consumers are assembling the shards of information they need on the fly and across screens, day parts, moods and modes of use. Content needs to respond, adapt and anticipate countless contexts. How does your story mobilize? How does engagement thrive as connectivity proliferates throughout the day while it fragments into ever-shorter moments? We will explore the key technical, targeting and editorial challenges marketers need to embrace as user behaviors stay ahead of brand storytellers.

Adam Naide , Executive Director of Marketing/Social Media, Cox Communications
Chris Kilroy , Senior Director, Digital Integration and Content Development, CNN
Jason Osburn , Director of User Experience and Product Innovation, Bottle Rocket
Ken Willner , CEO, Zumobi
Robin Zieme , Vice President, Video and Trading, Amobee
10:00 AM Panel: Branded Entertainment Gets a Sequel

Leveraging digital channels to tell longer, more entertaining stories has been as alluring as it has been frustrating for brands. Getting the fun/promotion balance right is tough. Other challenges incluce the distribution costs, getting people to stick with an online series and rising above the video noise. Even so, Chipotle’s Farmed & Dangerous series, Red Bull’s landmark Stratos project, and Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches have demonstrated that channels, consumers and creators now seem poised to reboot the branded entertainment format. How are the creatives and strategists now planning these projects? What have they learned about the kinds of voice, promotion and art that work to make a brand truly entertaining? And how are mobile, cross-platform video, messaging and search getting content to scale this time?

Pat Stern , Global Chief Creative Officer, iCrossing
Michael Benson , Director of Marketing and Branded Content, ONE+K
Esty Gorman , Director of Strategy, iris Worldwide NY
Jason Hoch , Chief Content Officer, HowStuffWorks
Fara Warner , Editorial Director, Aol Tech
10:45 AM Roundtables

Mobilizing Content - Table Lead: Chris Kelly, CNN
Should Brands Be Entertaining? - Table Lead: Pat Stern, iCrossing

11:30 AM Conference Concludes

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