November 17, 2014The Roosevelt Hotel New York


Beyond World Cup: Marketing Gets In The Game

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil -- and its record U.S. TV audiences -- reminded everyone that the passion for soccer in America surpasses all other sports except NFL and college football. But the massive and relatively untapped marketing opportunity in soccer goes far beyond the four-year cycle of World Cup moments. And now marketers are waking up to the potential for aligning with one of America’s fastest-growing passions. Soccer not only has scale, but it leads the digital revolution towards making the “second screen” the first screen of choice for fans following the sport.

Featured Speakers

In its first Marketing Soccer event, MediaPost, in partnership with Soccer America, will bring to the field a decade of experience in clarifying challenges and opportunities for marketing professionals and 40-plus years of covering all aspects of soccer in America and around the World.

We will explore the lessons learned from marketing into and around the 2014 World Cup and how brands can position themselves around the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada and the 2016 Copa America here in the U.S.

Past Attendees at MediaPost's Marketing conferences Include:

The Marketing Soccer conference will tackle the subjects that every Agency and Brand is grappling with:

-- Winners and losers: what lessons can we learn from advertising, video, social media and World Cup campaigns?

-- Inside the numbers: what does the World Cup tell us about the new American soccer fan?

-- Here and now: what marketers should know about capitalizing on the U.S. soccer market in 2015 and 2016?

-- The changing landscape of Hispanic marketing: how brands are reaching soccer-playing Millennials in the Hispanic market.

-- and much, much more!

Program Editors

Steve SmithEditorial Director - Events, MediaPost
Ross FadnerEditor, MediaPost

Programming Committee

Paul Kennedy, Editor-in-Chief/GM, Soccer America
John Guppy, Founder, Gilt Edge Soccer Marketing
Jeff L'Hote, Founder & Managing Director, LFC International

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MediaPost strives for excellence in its coverage of media, marketing and advertising. Our mission is to critically engage key questions for brand marketers, media buyers, sellers and emerging platforms. We choose speakers exclusively for their ability to bring perspective and insight to our stage. All conferences are programmed by proven, expert, unbiased journalists. MediaPost has never and will never engage in "pay to play" conferencing.

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