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Mobile Insider Summit: Aug 2014

6:00 PM Welcome Cocktail Reception
7:30 AM Registration Opens
8:00 AM Full Breakfast
8:15 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation LIN Mobile
8:45 AM Opening Remarks
Steve Smith , Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost
9:00 AM Keynote: Connecting The Guest Journey Through Mobile

Whether booking a hotel stay, preparing for departure, arriving in market or managing a stay on property. InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) recognizes that guests utilize devices as constant travel companions throughout all stages of their journey. Understanding the importance of staying completely connected to customers, and finding unique ways to address traveler needs are imperative to creating a competitive advantage. Director of Mobile Solutions Bill Keen explores the importance of focusing on the guest’s travel cycle and their mobile use at every stage and the platform challenges of staying connected to that customer at every step.

Bill Keen , Director - Mobile Solutions and Emerging Channels, InterContinental Hotels Group
9:30 AM Panel: Where In The World Is My Consumer Now?: Re-Mapping The Post-Funnel Journey

The “funnel” has become a “path,” which is now a “journey” that looks more like a labyrinth. Mobility and countless connected screens force all marketers to recalibrate their understanding of how, where and when consumers are making decisions. The old media and touchpoints have been diffused, fragmented, indistinct. How are marketers leveraging the multi-screen data to put back together a map they can target for having conversations across platforms and be there at those moments of truth? We start the Mobile Summit by asking brands and agencies to tell us where their consumers are and how mobility is accessing new points on the journey.

Joe McCaffrey , Planning Director, Head of Social, Huge
David Ip , Senior Manager, Mobile Consumer Experience & eMarketing, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Igor Krakovsky , Vice President, Online Acquisition, Beachbody
Tasha Kuebitz , Media Marketing Manager, Display & Mobile, Provide Commerce
Adrian Olvera , Global Consumer & SMB CRM, Business Development Manager, Dell
Jesse Wolfersberger , Director, Consumer Insights, GroupM Next
10:15 AM Keynote: The Mobile Mind Shift: How Mobile Changes Marketing

Consumers expect to get anything they need or want immediately and in context. Julie Ask will outline the impact of this mobile mind shift on consumers and marketers, as well as how successful brands can serve customers in their mobile moments if they undertake a new business discipline. Marketers must win in their customers mobile moments - the points in time and space when their consumers reach for their mobile phones to get something done.

Julie Ask , VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
10:45 AM Panel: Get Off Your App: Partnering Up To Capture The User’s Many Contexts

Your app and optimized site are not enough, namely because your customers are spending almost all of their mobile time in other people’s apps. On mobile especially, brands need to partner up with a range of third party platforms, from social to shopping, messaging to games, in order to target a range of user contexts throughout a day. How are brands locating, vetting, and leveraging these third party opportunities? More to the point, how do brands effect an authentic presence when they use tools like incentivized ads, rewards, sponsorship, app partnerships, advergaming or social presence to be in places where consumers may not expect to find them? In other words, how do brands use the always-there mobile ecosystem to weave themselves into everyday living?

Scott Holmes , Chief Marketing Officer, Blue Wave Media
Maile Krauss , Director of Business Development and Client Relations, Ansible
Steven Pho , SVP, Corporate Development, RetailMeNot
Richard Rabbat , VP of Platform, Tango
Fred Steube , Senior Director of Emerging Technology, Valpak
Brian Wong , Founder & CEO, Kiip
11:30 AM Interview: Defining The Challenge: Mobile Misgivings

Not all brands and products have obvious and inevitable mobile strategies, and more than a few marketers are reserving investment and organizational commitment deliberately and until a path is clearer. We step back from the bleeding edge and momentum of mobile to explore with one of our Summit marketer/guests why he thinks it is prudent to take his time with mobile. What are the challenges internally and in the mobile ecosystem for his brand and its goals? How are they struggling to map business goals with mobile capabilities? Where do their misgivings lie about overinvesting too early in a platform that is still evolving?

Amy Bartle , Director, Media & Digital Marketing, La Quinta Inns & Suites
Jeff Bixler , Manager, Scale Digital Marketing, Georgia-Pacific
Steve Smith , Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost
12:00 PM Presentation: Bright Shiny Objects I: The Promise of Presence: Social Machines, Physical UIs, and the Connected Customer Experience

A primary role of the traditional agency is to act as a filter on bright shiny objects in the market for clients and identify the technologies and trends truly worth pursuing. We end each morning of the Mobile Insider Summit leaning far forward, asking a senior agency executive to present three "picks" of startups, apps, ad formats or technologies that should be front and center on marketers’ radar for 2015.

Rachel Pasqua , Senior Partner, Mobility North America, MEC North America
12:15 PM Roundtables

Mobility and the New Path To Purchase - Table Lead: Dan Hodges, Consumers in Motion
Mobile Misgivings: Why Aren’t You Investing More In Mobile? - Table Lead: Maile Krauss, Ansible 
Partnering With Third Party Apps
 - Table Lead: Richard Rabbat, Tango

1:00 PM Lunch
1:15 PM Sponsor Lunch Presentation Pandora
2:00 PM Afternoon Activities

Golf at Squaw Creek Course
ATV Tour on the Rubicon Trail
Horseback Riding at Alpine Meadows
Cable car to High Camp for swimming (heated), cocktails and roller skating

6:00 PM Cocktails at Gar Woods Pier & Grill on Lake Tahoe

First bus departs for cocktails and dinner at Gar Woods.

7:30 PM Dinner at Gar Woods
8:00 AM Full Breakfast
8:45 AM Welcome Back
9:00 AM Keynote: Mobile and Social are Changing Travel Consumer Behavior

Today’s traveler is more connected than ever during their travel shopping and booking experience and mobile is an integral part of that experience. Orbitz Worldwide is focused on integrating mobile and social technologies into the site experience across native mobile apps, mobile optimized web, tablet optimized web and the traditional desktop. Megan Hughes, Director of Mobile Products at Orbitz will give a peek into how the Orbitz consumer and travelers in general have changed over the years and how Orbitz has addressed these changing behaviors through their use of mobile technologies, leveraging the cross device experience, and social integrations.

Megan Hughes , Director of Product - Mobile, Orbitz
9:30 AM Panel: Media Spend And The Modern Mobile Shopper: Are We Targeting Moments Yet?

We know that mobility has disrupted retail experiences, exploded the path to purchase and turned the shopping journey into a dizzying multi-screen tango. But how are mobile media planners combining available targeting capabilities, mobile ad platforms and media to drive shoppers to stores and sites? We focus here on pure mobile advertising and ask how and where it has impact at retail? How, where and when can mobile ads move the sales needle? Is this really a job for diminutive banners or richer bigger media? How much can search advertising do when mobile users are investing so much more time in apps? Is geo-targeting, even on programmatic platforms, really capturing and influencing people at moments of decision? Can mobile advertising really sell the goods?

Vladimir Edelman , Chief Development Officer, Buzztime
Gerardo Castillo , Paid Search and Digital Advertising Manager, Zagg
Michael Foschetti , Managing Director, Havas Discovery
10:00 AM Presentation: How Social TV is helping Networks and Brands Connect with Fans

Water-cooler conversations about last night's TV programs are passé in today’s digital world. The growth of second screen activity and social TV have transformed TV viewing from a solitary experience to an engaging, social experience. A recent study by Nielsen shows that more and more U.S. viewers are engaging in and influenced by social TV. How can networks and advertisers take advantage of this social TV phenomenon to tap into and leverage the momentum of social conversations? More than just leveraging social media as an activation tool, how can social TV and social brand data be used together to enhance media strategies and support connections with consumers who are aligned with a brand? We will discuss the value of social TV audiences to brands and how agencies and advertisers are reaching these consumers to amplify brand messaging across screens.

Deirdre Bannon , Vice President, Product, Nielsen Social
10:30 AM Panel: Proxies, Probabilities and Best Guesses?: Is “Cross-Screen” Tracking Fact or Fiction?

Unless you are Twitter, Facebook or another publisher with a unified login, good luck knowing with any accuracy whether you are seeing the same user across Desktop, tablet and phone, let alone do it at scale. How real and scalable are the many models that purport to track consumers cross-screen? We ask buyers and planners to share how they are knitting together data, and the high-flown promises, around cross-screen use tracking and targeting. How do the various models differ? Who is just making best guesses, inferring identify by behavior, by faux-cookies and IDs, by extrapolating third party data? What are the real differences here, and are the different models better and worse for different goals, audiences, product categories? What appears to be working, and what just needs a lot more work.

Stuart Meyler , Principal, Beeby Clark + Meyler
Rahul Bafna , VP Product, Drawbridge, Inc.
Mike McMeekin , Director, Advertiser Analytics and Insights, Bing
Lauren Moores , VP of Analytics, Dstillery
11:15 AM Panel: Beacons, Geo-Fences, Companions and the Next Layer Of In-Store Retail Intelligence

Pinging your customer’s phone as she enters the store is a cool first shot in the mobile shopping revolution. But the deeper value of in-store proximity platforms may come from the data and shopper intelligence they make available to retailers. Beacons and apps can track in-store movements, how loyal and new customers respond to store and shelf environments, time spent, and the sequence with which shopper encounter products. But mobility only drops a “cookie” on the shopper if marketers build these emerging systems from the start to take a more sophisticated role than pushing coupons at the door.

Dan Hodges , CEO & Founder, Consumers In Motion
Rob Canterbury , VP of Business Development, Gimbal
Tim Dunn , Director of Mobile and Strategy, Isobar
Jeff Jensen , Executive Vice President, inMarket
Patrick Moorhead , VP, Mobile Brand Development , Catalina Marketing
Bryon Morrison , President, Digital, The Marketing Arm
12:00 PM Presentation: Bright Shiny Objects II: The Sensor Movement: Redefining Customer Experience, Capabilities and Brand Utility
Ben Gaddis , Chief Innovation Officer, T3 (The Think Tank)
12:15 PM Roundtables

What You Need to Know About Beacons - Table Lead: Tim Dunn, Isobar
Optimizing the Mobile Ad Spend - Table Lead: Vladimir Edelman, Buzztime
Can I Really Track My Customer Across Screens - Table Lead: Stuart Meyler, Beeby Clark+Meyler

1:00 PM Lunch
1:15 PM Sponsor Lunch Presentation Fiksu
2:00 PM Afternoon Activities

Golf at Coyote Moon Course
Lake Tahoe Kayak Tour
Mountain Biking at Burton Creek State Park

6:30 PM Cocktail Reception at Squaw Creek Golf Course Yext
7:30 PM Dinner at the Spa Deck
8:00 AM Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM Keynote Interview: Building The Next Stage of Event Going

From its beginning as a basic secondary marketplace designed to help fans connect to its much larger role as a force in mainstream event marketing and sales, StubHub’s business model has evolved with its users and the available technology. We explore how the company’s cross-platform interface with consumers and mobile feature set has grown with the business and consumer comfort with mobility. How is the company tracking and satisfying users’ ever-evolving behaviors with new features. And how is Stubhub now extending itself into a new role as a mobile music provider?

Devon Nicholson , Brand Manager, Stubhub
Steve Smith , Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost
9:00 AM Panel: Who Are You Calling “Second Screen?”: How Is Mobile Changing TV Media and Marketing?

The “Second Screening” buzzword of 2011 has evolved far beyond companion apps and on-air hashtags. The synergies between prime time and relentless nighttime mobile use run deeper now, informing the ways in which programmers, advertisers and mobile content providers re-think the TV context. From targeting TV audiences with mobile ads to device based VOD, remote control apps to live polling and activating on-air ads, how are agencies, brands and media reconsidering their on-air content now that they know a tandem screen is always on. How has the TV and mobile relationship matured so that two screens can add up to something more?

Tyler Loechner , Reporter, MediaPost
Thiru Arunachalam , CEO and Co-Founder, Peel
Jared Lake , Director, Digital Media, Hawthorne Direct
Kevin Lange , SVP, Paid Social Media, Starcom Mediavest Group
Jason Sullivan , Managing Director, Publicis Seattle
9:45 AM Panel: TV Recontextualized: What Does A Mobile-First Video Strategy Look Like?

Video that is truly untethered from either TV or desktop, is no longer video as we have known it. Mobility potentially changes everything about the classic lean-back medium. More than just fleeting attention spans, devices redefine the media consumption context, with a constricted screen, a wholly new range of always-on media consumption patterns and rhythms, different need states, as well as a trove of geo-location and tools for multimedia user input. How do the narrative arcs, formatting, voice, interactivity all need to change to accommodate the untethered future? Is this the dawn of the three-second spot? The two-minute episode?

Adam Cossman , Partner, President, Sentient
Julien Geffriaud , Account Director, Fetch
Jeremy Lockhorn , VP, Emerging Media, Razorfish
Tom Lofthouse , SVP of Programming, Discovery Digital Network
10:30 AM Presentation: Bright Shiny Objects III: “hey whats up”: How Mobile Messaging is Changing the Conversation
Sean Miller , SVP of Strategy , Rokkan
10:45 AM Roundtables

Do You Need a Mobile First Video Strategy? - Table Lead: Adam Cossman, Sentient
Do Messaging Apps Have A Place For Marketers? - Table Lead: Sean Miller, Rokkan

11:30 AM Conference Concludes

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