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September 23 - 24, 2013New York Marriott Marquis


Marketing at the Speed of Light: Prime-Time for Real-Time

5 Shows, 2 Days.
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September 23-24, 2013

Marketing at the Speed of Light: Prime Time for Real Time

After all the buzz about “Big Data” comes the real need: harnessing data in real time to facilitate the powerful dialog brands need to have with consumers minute-to-minute in real life.

"Real time" is now at the center of marketing operations, messaging, customer relations, product development. It is not just about clever tweeting during the Super Bowl, flash mobs or pithy hash tags. Real time today means an ad served and billed in a nanosecond, customer service reps manning the twitter feed, a consumer being pinged on a smart phone walking near a store, social feeds and photo sharing throughout a consumer’s days and nights. And, we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of dynamic reactive versioning, content marketing and addressable advertising.

In the world of media, marketing and advertising real-time is now on center stage. Being late means being left out.

At this year's OMMA Global, the biggest MediaPost event of the year and the biggest stage of all during Advertising Week, our focus will be on all aspects of succeeding in the speed-of-light environment being created by consumer rapid adoption of changing technology.

Speakers will discuss working, thinking and marketing in real time and how to synch with customers now in firm control of their radically evolved technological and media lives. How do marketers navigate this new world amidst the challenging new landscape of programmatic trading and real-time buying?

In this new world, prime time is all the time.


What people are saying about the OMMA Global event series....

"Above all other conferences, the OMMA Global event provided the most comprehensive insight into the state and future of interactive media, marketing and advertising.  The content over the 2-days was top-notch, and the individuals I had the opportunity to meet, are the ones leading the charge to make interactive a premier medium for advertisers.  A top-quality event for anyone involved in the digital media space.  Thanks for a great event."

Kevin Klein
Head of Marketing, Global Display Advertising

“The OMMA Global conference was a standout event.  The keynotes were great, panels insightful and breakout sessions spot on. It was clear that anybody who was anybody in online was at this event.”

Brian J. Quinn
Chief Revenue Officer
Triad Retail Media

“The most important element of every conference is who attends, and I left OMMA with the cards of several potential business partners and other people who I anticipate staying in touch with as long as I work in the business, if not longer."

David Berkowitz
Chief Marketing Officer

“The OMMA conferences provide tremendous insight into not only what is happening in the world of Online Marketing, but what will be next.  The composition of the audiences at these conferences is a veritable who's who in online media, marketing, and advertising, and allows attendees, regardless of experience level, to learn about the future of advertising - straight from the folks that are shaping it.”

Ian Schafer
Founder & CEO
Deep Focus