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Living Is The New Media

Marketers are no longer targeting content or people. Even location alone is not enough. Mobility has turned moments in all of their richness and diversity into targets. What ad should reach Jane in bed at 11 pm after an evening browsing cashmere tops on her laptop? What app should ping Joe at the strip mall at noon on Wednesday when the hardware store is three doors away? How close is Ethel to pulling the trigger on the new SUV when she revisits her auto app for the fifth time this week on Saturday morning? The “right ad, right person, right place, right time” equation is about to get much more complicated. In order for mobility to reach its promise for marketers, brands must align with a limitless set of customer modes, points in time, previous behaviors, likely next moves, all happening in real time and anyplace. Constant connectivity means that life itself is the new media.

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