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OMMA Premium Display: Nov 2013

8:00 AM Registration Opens & Breakfast
9:00 AM Introductory Remarks
Steve Smith , Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost
9:15 AM Keynote -- How To Survive the Robot Uprising: Using Creativity to Defend Yourself Against the Buying Machines

In a world where connecting brands with consumers is more difficult, marketers are challenged to breakthrough. Media is moving more and more toward automation, data and bulk buying on trading platforms and ad networks- but what is an advertiser to do? A glimpse at how the big idea and creativity has a big role in the future of digital (case studies to be included as well).

Alan Cohen , Founder, Giant Spoon
9:45 AM Premium vs. the Big Ad Machine: Is The High Touch Buy History?

Ad executives say that up to 40% of their digital ad budgets will be spent on programmatic audiencebuying platforms within the next six months. This obvious shift in media buying from direct sales to automated systems, most often involving lower-end un-reserved inventory, poses a serious question to the display economy. What role is left for the premium ad buy upon which most major media brands rely? Sure we can say “there always will be a place for premium,” but what place exactly? We start with the buyers and planners themselves, asking how their concept of the display media mix is changing because of shifts in the market infrastructure and technology. Which publishers will win and lose from these changes. Are the branding dollars going mainly to video now, leaving online display mainly a direct marketing venue?

Steve Minichini , Chief Innovation & Growth Officer, TargetCast
Jenna (Umbrianna) Gino , VP, Programmatic Media Director, Affiperf, Havas
Allegra Kadet , Partner, Media Director, Neo@Ogilvy
Barry Lowenthal , President, The Media Kitchen
Matthew Waghorn , Communication Planning Director, Huge
Veronika Ward , East Coast Regional Director, Digital, OMD
10:30 AM Keynote -- Advertising as a Product

As advertising on digital platforms continues to evolve, new and innovative approaches are challenging standards and creating ad experiences that engage consumers like never before. What do these new approaches look like and what can we expect moving forward as advertising and content live harmoniously together?

John Kosner , EVP Digital and Print Media, ESPN
11:00 AM Coffee Break
11:30 AM Can Publishers Reclaim Context, Creativity and Control?

The value of context is under siege. It is up to premium publishers to make (remake?) the case that clean, well-lit places, high impact creative, and guaranteed placement are worth the price and toil differential with inventory found everywhere and anywhere from audience-buying robots. We ask publishers how they are doing with that. Has their recent work, new ad models and engagement metrics really made the case with buyers? When and where does the direct sale still matter? Is the “native ad” trend proving to be a good hedge against CPM deflation and buyer migration to programmatic platforms? How are publishers repositioning their products and themselves embracing these new technologies and data to remain relevant in the market? How is “premium” being redefined by the sellers in the market?

Kathryn Koegel , Chief of Insights, Founder, Steampunkt Collaborative
Andrea Ching , SVP of Marketing and Promotions, CNN News Network
Mark Howard , Chief Revenue Officer, Forbes
George Kang , VP of Strategy,
Neil Katz , Editor-in-Chief and Vice President of Content, The Weather Company
Robin Riddle , Global Publisher, WSJ Custom Content Studios
12:15 PM Tell Me A Story: Is Branding Really Going On Here?

Quick, what was the last online display ad you recall seeing? Almost 20 years into the Web display advertising story and we continue to wonder when and whether the big brand dollars are going to get here. Rich media, embedded video, Flash, Rising Stars, etc. have all been thrown at the problem of building the kinds of stories brands pay TV-sized budgets to see. They are bigger and more intrusive, but do they tell compelling stories? Has the digital medium become a canvas for genuine creativity and advertising? What have we learned about using the right tools in the right contexts and with the right messages to have an impact on that distracted, multitasking user? We bring in the creatives to reflect on what kind of brand story display advertising is capable of telling.

Steve Greenberger , Chairman, Business Advisory Group
Jeremy Bernstein , EVP, Group Creative Director, Deutsch NY
Corey Gehrt , Strategy Director, Code and Theory
Matt Ian , Executive Creative Director, TBWA\Chiat\Day New York
Ryan McLaughlin , President, US, Tribal Worldwide
Douglas Rozen , Chief Innovation Officer, Meredith Xcelerated Marketing
1:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Research Presentation -- Managing the Mobile Migration

Premium publisher audiences are migrating to mobile. That we all know. But what tactics are publishers using to capture this new section, garner new audiences and increase usage time? How are some publishers missing the mark? This session will help marketers understand the profile of their mobile and pc audiences. Where are the overlaps? And how can these overlaps help in smarter packaging and positioning that differentiates you vs. mass programmatic inventory?

Eli Goodman , Media Evangelist, comScore, Inc.
2:30 PM ‘Programmatic Premium’: Alternative Or Oxymoron?

Both ad tech companies and even trading desks like telling us that “programmatic” is no longer synonymous with cheap inventory or even direct marketing goals. Even premium inventory can become more efficient and targetable with automated systems. So-called “programmatic premium” models let publisher maintain control over pricing and who advertises on their site. Even automated platforms allow publishers to get spend guarantees from clients and support rather than undermine the direct sales channel. Or so they say. But “programmatic premium” a reality yet? Are publishers really putting higher quality inventory into the channel and seeing good returns, client and data transparency, and the sort of insight that helps their direct sales business? And in exchange are buyers giving greater spending guarantees, sharing more data with publishers? We bring buyers and sellers together to explore whether programmatic premium really can automate the better buy without auto-destructing publisher businesses.

Gordon McLeod , President, Krux
Mike Dodge , COO, Evolve Media
Alanna Gombert , GM, CatalystDesk, Conde Nast
Tom O'Regan , President, Martini Media
Paul Rostkowski , President, Varick Media Management
Rich Sutton , CRO, MailOnline
3:15 PM Coffee Break
3:30 PM How Is That ‘Viewability’ Working Out For You?

Ad Viewability was the buzzword of 2012, but how is it being implemented in 2013? We were promised fewer ads per page, greater ad scarcity, elevated CPMs. But is that what we got? Is the ad reporting system more rational? Do we see a less cluttered user experience where brands have and pay premiums for greater share of voice? Have publishers showed greater discipline in their page designs? Mediapost asks publishers, buyers and tech providers for a progress report on the principle that was supposed be a bedrock for a more honest, impactful and profitable display environment.

James Green , CEO, Magnetic
Susan Bidel , Senior Analyst, Forrester
Scott Cunningham , SVP of Product Development, sovrn
Scott Knoll , CEO, Integral Ad Science
Philip Shih , Director, Audience Strategy, Vivaki
4:15 PM Is Video the Premium Display Brands Wanted All Along?

For two decades now display advertising has struggled with mixed results to attract those big brand dollars. But video is something that those big spenders truly understand and in which they are ready to invest. According to some projections, overall banner advertising will continue to lose share of digital ad spending over the next few years even as digital video spending maintains its relentless march upwards. By 2016, according to eMarketer, video will be grabbing 14.5% of all digital ad spend, compared to 20.4% by banner ads. Many traditional online publishers are following the money and building up their video inventory. Some of the most dramatic and impactful banner ads are really video ads in a traditional display wrapper. How has streaming media changed the premium display portfolio? How are both sellers and buyers seeing video as a part of an overall site-specific buy? How are publishers achieving scale in a market dominated by YouTube, hulu, AOL, the TV networks and now even Facebook?

Colin Gillis , Senior Technology Analyst and Director of Research, BGC Partners
Ujjal Kohli , CEO, Rhythm NewMedia
Tony Mennuto , Co-founder/COO, MisterFace
Michael O'Connor , Vice President, Operations, Yield & Analytic, AOLOn
David Sanderson , Senior Director, Creative Strategy, Tremor
5:00 PM Conference Concludes

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