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Tuesday, July 22

8:00 AM
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Introductory Remarks
Steve Smith, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost
9:15 AM
The bandwidth has increased, the palette expanded, the screens more intimate, even touchable. But are we making memorable ads yet? Are we telling better stories through richer technology? Let’s call in the creatives! Let’s explore how some of the novel ad units and screens are inspiring new brand interactions with users. Lets see how the pushdowns, takeovers, video banners and slide ins do more than catch the eye or bust through clutter. Let’s see how digital artists are discovering new colors, evoking new responses, and delighting digital users, not just interrupting them.
Lori H. Schwartz, Founder and Tech Catalyst, World of Schwartz
Jerome Austria, Digital Executive Creative Director, Deutsch LA
Aaron Howe, Senior Creative Director , Possible
Rob Palmer, Executive Creative Director, Doner, LA
Emily Yamamoto, Manager, Digital Marketing, Mitsubishi Motors
10:00 AM
The spirit of eternal youth – that’s the goal of any consumer product company. But how can a young brand stay that way? By growing organic connections with customers and with new younger buyers to meet them where they live, where they play and by supporting the things they love. Music is a major passion point for millennials, with musical artists having the largest reach across social channels. But through content creation and curation Honda is demonstrating that sponsorships and online campaigns aren't just about good advertising, but advertising good value that connects with the consumer. By bringing together some of America’s leading music producers – Honda is launching a groundbreaking youth marketing music platform.
Tom Peyton, AVP, Advertising, American Honda Motor Co
10:30 AM
Coffee Break
11:00 AM
Cheap wasn’t as inexpensive as we thought. There is a clear trend towards premium ad units, publishers and platforms. Automation saves time and money, but programmatic buying has a dark side. Fraud, lack of transparency, viewability all remind brands that they need real relationships which algorithms can’t provide. What are the implications of the growing value of quality?
Laura Martin, Managing Director, Needham & Co.
11:30 AM
Format standards? That is so 2005. Whether it is the deep “native” integrations that look more like editorial or the one-of-a-kind wrappers and takeovers some publishers are custom building for clients, the supply side is trying to sell marketers unique experiences. Some publishers are crafting proprietary units in their own labs or just wrapping ads in editorial look and feel for “native” impact. Meanwhile, the pushdowns, sliders and takeovers leveraging IAB standards have evolved into mobile and video versions of these high impact formats. We turn to the publishers to explain how they are managing a diverse portfolio of ad builds, maintaining price, delivering scale, and at the same time maintaining their overall value against the encroaching programmatic wave.
Wayne Friedman, West Coast Editor, MediaPost
Melody Cohn, Senior Ad Product Manager, IGN
David Denton, SVP Product Management, Evolve Media
Chris George, VP of Product Marketing, PopSugar
Graham Harris, Senior Director, Advanced Creative, Yahoo
Dan Strauss, General Manager, Digital, The Hollywood Reporter
12:15 PM
The acronyms, formats and clichés are swarming the display terrain: DSPs, RTB, programmatic premium, native, rising stars, proprietary formats, video, value exchange ads, and on and on. We ask the people paying the bills, the buyers and the planners – What constitutes a premium placement or format now? Context? Scarcity? Richness? Price? Or is performance the new premium? And what place do these generally high touch, high impact ads have in a digital platform dominated by automation, programmatic everything? What is the buy side expecting/needing from the market, and what are their expectations from the “premium” buy now?
Joe Mandese, Editor-in-Chief, MediaPost
Michael Bruckstein, Associate Media Director, Neo@Ogilvy, West
Jamie Linville, Engagement Manager, MRM//McCann
Alexander Ouvaroff, Partner, Rosetta
Eric Perko, VP / Media Director, DigitasLBi San Francisco
1:00 PM
2:00 PM
In a world where brands seek to be publishers and where the desire for efficiencies has shifted focus to audience-based buying, what value does the digital publisher’s brand contribute to the advertising process? Millward Brown Digital’s research examines the influence of online publishers’ own brands in not only connecting advertiser brands to audiences, but setting context for advertising receptivity.
Margaret Hung, VP, International, Millward Brown Digital
Hannah Pavalow, Research Analyst, Millward Brown Digital
2:30 PM
Even more than high impact rich display, the deep integrations and content-heavy native placements are the real rising star of premium. But as these formats mature beyond their novelty stage, both publishers and advertisers are seeking more precise targeting and better data about who, where and why people engage in branded content. The next stage for native involves analytics. How are publishers starting to target the most receptive and influential audiences and optimizing on the fly? And what are we learning about the path users take to content, how they interact and share? In this panel we explore how the bedrock of digital, data, can help bring greater precision, scale and transparency to the channel’s least standard ad form.
Jeff Ferguson, CEO/Founder, Fang Digital Marketing
Darian Gray, Manager, Web Analytics, INNOCEAN USA
Edward Kim, CEO, SimpleReach
Shaun Koiner, Chief Product Officer, Sporting News Media
Martin Thomas, President, Always On Communications
3:15 PM
Coffee Break
3:30 PM
The mobile migration sparked a legendary revenue crisis for publishing as already dime-sized digital revenues got sliced yet again to pennies on mobile screens. One part of the industry wants to solve the issue with responsive media and ad designs that scale efficiently across screens. Another camp believes that it is only in leveraging the unique use cases, technologies and intimacy of mobile that we unlock its real value to users and advertisers. Perhaps ads as we know them don’t fit at all here? But what really is working here? We go to the buyers and planners themselves and ask what “premium” looks like on a smartphone to them? When if at all do beleaguered banners really work here? After years of experimentation and argument we revisit the most basic question regarding mobile – what and which ad formats really work here?
Mike Poznansky, Founder, Neato
David Coleman, Global Product Lead - Display Ad Formats, Google
Sarah Jennings, Creative Director, Creative Services, Millennial Media
Pamela Naumes, Director, Brand Engagement, Wm. Bolthouse Farms Inc.
Maude Standish, Founder and Managing Director , Tarot Insights
4:15 PM
Already fueled by a resurgence in podcasting, the steep growth of Pandora, iTunes Radio, Spotify, iHeartRadio and the prospect of in-car streaming, the stage is set for an explosion of digital audio marketing opportunities. The impact of interruptive audio advertising is as undeniable now as it was at the height of radio power in mid- 20th Century. But the models are diverse: from simple in-stream spots to branded playlists, product integrations, sponsored downloads, and more. What level of interaction/call to action even is possible in these formats? How is the medium being measured and integrated into larger marketing plans. Is this a channel worth tuning to?
Mina Kamarasheva, Associate Managing Director, Audio & Promotions, Horizon Media
Andy Bowers, Executive Producer, Podcasts, Slate
Billy Hartman, Global Director, Brand Partnerships, TuneIn
Tim Villanueva, Account Director, Fetch
Lizzie Widhelm, VP of Digital, Pandora
5:00 PM
Networking Cocktail Party