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The Case For Context

As up to 40% of digital display budgets may be rushing to programmatic platforms in the next year, publishers have never been under more pressure to defend the enduring value to advertisers of media quality, control of placement and high impact messaging. While demand side platforms claim to find audiences everywhere and anywhere at pennies on the dollar, context, control and creativity still matter in online advertising. But these qualities need to be repositioned and re-argued in a new ad economy driven by audience buying and robotic trading. OMMA Premium brings media buyers and content providers together to explore what “premium” means now.

At OMMA Premium we put into context the state of the high-touch, high-impact ad buy in the world of automation and race-to-the-bottom pricing. How are agencies allocating budgets into the premium space now? Are the lush, big and intrusive new Rising Star, OPA and native ad units really having an impact on both consumers and buyers? Have publishers followed through on the viewability metric that promised higher CPMs and less cluttered environments? But ultimately we ask at OMMA Premium whether, where and how technology and creative really are collaborating to tell consumers compelling brand stories?

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