November 18, 2013The Metropolitan Club, Chicago, IL


Stress Testing The RTB Machine

Several years after the arrival of real-time bidding engines, the underlying technologies and larger wave of programmatic buying are poised to dominate every kind of ad marketplace. Many marketers expect 40% of their digital budgets to migrate to programmatic buying. But are the core RTB techniques and business models really living up to the promises they made when we started the OMMA RTB shows in 2011? Are the long-promised brand marketers finally warming up to the approach? Have we really evolved beyond direct response advertising on remnant banners? Is the all-important ad inventory finally seeing the quality we expected, and are auction dynamics really encouraging premium publishers to play along? Are buyers finding new and better sources against which to target their campaigns? These machines were supposed to deliver greater transparency to the blind and semi-blind ad network system. But did they? And we expected to get more data back from RTB platforms that would help shed more light on the dark arts of attribution modeling. How are we doing with that?

Since it started in 2011, the OMMA RTB series has been educating the market about the best practices and early learnings from a complex new way of buying and selling advertising and the larger issues that programmatic buying raises for ad agencies. As we take the show on the road this fall OMMA RTB checks in on some of the original promises of real-time bidding and buying, what we have learned this far, and where these disciplines need to evolve next.

This one-day conference will focus on all components of the programmatic buying phenomenon & marketplace. The event will feature in-depth panels, keynotes and case studies as we seek to cover the many corners of this emerging phenomenon - DSPs, exchanges, trading desks & sell-side platforms, bringing to light best practices and challenges media buyers face in employing these tools. Attendees will include interactive media buyers, planners, and senior ad agency execs, publishers, brand managers, researchers, analysts and technology solutions providers.

We do a reality check on the real state of this inventory: has it evolved beyond remnant banners and direct marketing goals? Now that marketers have their heads and hands wrapped around Facebook’s FBX inventory, what is it teaching us about RTB generally? How can we optimize campaigns within this massive platform? How do marketers make better use of the data produced by RTB campaigns and exchanges so that they can acquire new customers and not just retarget old ones? What does a marketer need to know to make the most of these platforms and the underlying algorithms they drive? And as these technologies and buying methods migrate onto the more challenging mobile and even television platforms, what level of targeting precision really is available and how will it integrate back into the rest of the media plan? OMMA RTB enters its second year growing up with the industry it covers by posing new and harder questions of the ad tech machine.

What To Expect

* Listen to leaders in the online marketing industry give keynotes, research presentations, and discuss the benefits, challenges, and future of RTB.

* Discover when to use RTB-driven campaigns, where humans fit into the picture, how to balance premium display and RTB strategies, and the impact RTB has on the market for buying and selling inventory.

* A unique opportunity to network with top media buyers, planners, senior ad agency execs, publishers, brand managers, researchers, analysts, and technology solution providers.

* Gain an all-around deeper understanding on the complex subject of RTB in order to make the most of all of the opportunities at your disposal.

Past Attendees Include

"Terrific content and deep insights from industry leaders engaged in various parts of the RTB ecosystem, well worth attending and I look forward to the next one." Elias Guerra, Senior Director, Marketplace Development, Flurry

"I look to OMMA to provide an uncanny perspective on the future of our industry. In all areas of the online advertising world, from publishers to advertisers and all the innovative technology players in between. This show is a platform and forum for the most forward-thinking leaders and perspectives. Five stars!" Amiad Solomon, President, Peer39

"I love the way dialog develops throughout the day at these OMMA events! The keynotes and sessions were all interesting.  Great events!" JJ Beh, Mortgage Strategy & Planning Lead, ING Direct USA

"Above all other conferences, the OMMA events provide the most comprehensive insight into the state and future of interactive media, marketing and advertising.  The content is top-notch, and the individuals I have the opportunity to meet, are the ones leading the charge to make interactive a premier medium for advertisers.  These are top-quality events for anyone involved in the digital media space" Kevin Klein, Sr. Marketing Manager, Global Display,

"The OMMA RTB Conference features smart panelists and strong topics, yielding great insight and information that is both enlightening and actionable!"

Joel Nierman, Marketing & Media Director, Critical Mass

What other industry practitioners are saying about MediaPost's OMMA RTB event series...

"At OMMA's RTB conference, I really appreciated the candid feedback from the panels on some of the more complex topics like Video in the RTB space and the effects of FBX on the industry as well as the user. Great content!" Leila Mabourakh, Technical Account Manager, Google Ad Exchange

"The OMMA RTB is an incredible mix of talent, content, and information, I highly recommend attending to anyone trying  to keep up with the constantly changing online ad environment." Jennifer Marfino, Business Development Manager, LeaseWeb USA

"Great content, discussions with the right industry leaders on-hand every time.  Well done MediaPost." Nick Hulse, CRO, Rubicon Project

"Great event. Great networking. Best event for getting the industry's collective wisdom on this subject quickly." Trip Foster, Director, Business Development, Zenovia Digital Exchange

"I was impressed with the number and quality of attendees, caliber of panelists and topics at OMMA's RTB event.  The content on the day was excellent.  Thank you MediaPost and OMMA for a great experience, and fantastic event." Eric Franchi, Co-Founder, Undertone

"OMMA RTB was a very educational session for all of my team, and especially the new recruits who watched the show online. They had a chance to see the actors and influencers in this business and learn a tremendous amount.  Very well done MediaPost!" John Staub, CEO,

"OMMA RTB provided a great platform to learn about the space directly from the leaders who are shaping it. The conference had excellent panels from all the entities operating in this industry - Advertisers, Brand Marketers, Publishers, Agencies, DSPs, Ad Servers, AdNetworks, and Exchanges. Overall, it was a melting pot of expertise and innovation."  Vishal Rupani, Director of Product Management,

"OMMA RTB was without a doubt one of the better conferences I've been to in years. The editorially crafted content made for great discussions for new and seasoned veterans of digital media alike. There was a good amount of conflict on each panel to force discussion and critical thinking. OMMA RTB was well worth my trip from the Bay area to New York."  Rodney Mayers, Chief Revenue Officer, Proximic

“I rarely attend conferences but this day was worth its weight in monthly user visits.  The keynotes, multiple panels and round table lunch all had me getting more and more engaged.  The event was perfectly timed and right in my wheelhouse.  Thanks MediaPost for a great conference.” Jeff Taylor, Founder,