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Upgrading To RTB 2.0

Programmatic platforms have had a good early run. They are devouring ever more shares of digital display budgets, moving automated processes deeper into ad operations, and driving an even larger trend towards buying audiences, not just media. But as the techniques and technologies mature, some of the persistent challenges become more insistent. The stakes are higher as programmatic proliferates to video, TV, mobile. But big questions remain about branding impact, ad fraud, the woeful state of creative, transparency and attribution. Are these technologies, processes, and ready to grow up? As the longest running conference series on all things programmatic, OMMA RTB, enters its third year of international gatherings on the topic, we grill industry leaders on whether the exchange economy really has met and overcome its challenges.


Programmatic platforms once promised their advanced and efficient targeting would finally attract to digital the big branding budgets from other media. But most exchange based advertising still is about retargeting and direct response. Has the long-promised transparency in the marketplace really advanced beyond early rhetoric, or are agencies and publishers still playing shell games with the real nature of inventory, mark-ups, data sources? With advanced targeting even bland and unimaginative ads can move the conversion needle, but should they? Can’t creative executions finally catch up to and work with the data that drives these campaigns? Agencies and publishers are starting to bet big on the role of RTB practices for monetizing mobile. But is the wish well ahead of the technological capabilities?


And of course the very trustworthiness of the programmatic approach has been shaken this year. Reports of widespread fraudulent activity show that the same complexity underpinning exchange and targeting wizardry makes the system perhaps vulnerable to bad actors. Is this a permanent condition of the exchange technology?


As programmatic advertising expands out into mobile, TV and perhaps cars and an Internet of things, the stakes couldn’t be higher for the industry. Is it ready for adulthood?

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"At OMMA's RTB conference, I really appreciated the candid feedback from the panels on some of the more complex topics like Video in the RTB space and the effects of FBX on the industry as well as the user. Great content!" Leila Mabourakh, Technical Account Manager, Google Ad Exchange

"The OMMA RTB is an incredible mix of talent, content, and information, I highly recommend attending to anyone trying  to keep up with the constantly changing online ad environment."Jennifer Marfino, Business Development Manager, LeaseWeb USA

"Great content, discussions with the right industry leaders on-hand every time.  Well done MediaPost." Nick Hulse, CRO, Rubicon Project

"Great event. Great networking. Best event for getting the industry's collective wisdom on this subject quickly." Trip Foster, Director, Business Development, Zenovia Digital Exchange

"I was impressed with the number and quality of attendees, caliber of panelists and topics at OMMA's RTB event.  The content on the day was excellent.  Thank you MediaPost and OMMA for a great experience, and fantastic event." Eric Franchi, Co-Founder, Undertone

"OMMA RTB was a very educational session for all of my team, and especially the new recruits who watched the show online. They had a chance to see the actors and influencers in this business and learn a tremendous amount.  Very well done MediaPost!" John Staub, CEO, CAPPTURE.com

"OMMA RTB provided a great platform to learn about the space directly from the leaders who are shaping it. The conference had excellent panels from all the entities operating in this industry - Advertisers, Brand Marketers, Publishers, Agencies, DSPs, Ad Servers, AdNetworks, and Exchanges. Overall, it was a melting pot of expertise and innovation."  Vishal Rupani, Director of Product Management, Affinity.com

"OMMA RTB was without a doubt one of the better conferences I've been to in years. The editorially crafted content made for great discussions for new and seasoned veterans of digital media alike. There was a good amount of conflict on each panel to force discussion and critical thinking. OMMA RTB was well worth my trip from the Bay area to New York."  Rodney Mayers, Chief Revenue Officer, Proximic

"Above all other conferences, the OMMA events provide the most comprehensive insight into the state and future of interactive media, marketing and advertising.  The content is top-notch, and the individuals I have the opportunity to meet, are the ones leading the charge to make interactive a premier medium for advertisers.  These are top-quality events for anyone involved in the digital media space" Kevin Klein, Sr. Marketing Manager, Global Display, Amazon.com

“I rarely attend conferences but this day was worth its weight in monthly user visits.  The keynotes, multiple panels and round table lunch all had me getting more and more engaged.  The event was perfectly timed and right in my wheelhouse.  Thanks MediaPost for a great conference.” Jeff Taylor, Founder, Monster.com