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OMMA Programmatic Video: May 2015

8:00 AM Registration Opens
8:15 AM Breakfast
8:30 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation AdMore
8:45 AM Opening Remarks
Steve Smith , Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost
9:00 AM Solving for TV? Is Programmatic Or Addressability The Fix TV Needs?

Automating everything and anything in advertising appears to have taken on an air of inevitability. TV seems the next natural venue. But is “programmatic TV” what TV needs? Is there something “broken” here? Let’s set the table, not just on the state of “programmatic TV” but on defining terms and exploring what data- and digital-driven approaches are most worth media buyers’ attention. Is digitally-driven advanced audience segmentation the most important development here? Is addressable TV more relevant and helpful than programmatic buying and selling of inventory? What solutions really address problems? 

Joe Mandese , Editor-in-Chief, MediaPost
Zachary Chapman , VP of Digital and Publishing Sales, ESPN
Jeff Dow , Executive Vice President/Director, Global Digital, Data and Technology, SMG
Janice Finkel-Greene , EVP Buying Analytics, Magna Global
Ed Gold , Advertising Director, State Farm
Walt Horstman , President, AudienceXpress
9:45 AM Keynote: Feeding the Programmatic Beast

Intelligent automation is at the core of programmatic TV and video media, but how often are we looking at measuring the effectiveness of the content that so much media is being put behind? What about measuring engagement, effectiveness and targeting for the content before you spend a penny? See how the programmatic media plan for Coldwell Banker is working harder for the brand when they unlocked the potential of programmatic content.

David Marine , Vice President, Brand Engagement, Coldwell Banker Real Estate
10:30 AM Coffee Break
11:00 AM Research Presentation: Building The Next Video Stack

Verizon's purchase of AOL is the latest in a series of acquisitions and mergers centering on video advertising technologies. Forrester Principal Analyst Jim Nail will highlight the trends behind these acquisitions and describe what they mean for the continuing evolution of the video advertising stack.

Jim Nail , Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
11:30 AM Converged Currency: What Are The Metrics of The TV/Video Everywhere Future?

The perennial question since the dawn of the digital marketing era – how do we measure this stuff – becomes acute now that convergence is a reality. Internet marketing used to aspire to be measured like TV. But as TV and digital video now comingle freely across set-top box, DVR, VOD, OTT,  phones and tablets, what metric reigns? GRPs? Uniques? Total Audience? Will TV be measured more like the Internet now? Vice versa? And will these digital platforms converge to finally close the loop and better connect ad impressions with purchasing? 

Cesar Brea , Partner, Force Five Partners
Christopher Chobanian , Director of Analytics, DDB
Sean Harvey , Senior Product Manager, Google
Jeff Hinz , Managing Partner, US Digital Director, Mediacom USA
Melissa Kihara , Global VP of TV & Video, Xaxis
12:15 PM Lunch
12:30 PM Sponsor Luncheon Presentation The Trade Desk
1:30 PM Panel: The Zen of Video Buying: Balancing Scale, Targeting, Viewability, Fraud

Video may be exploding across platforms, but targeting to scale remains a challenge as quality inventory can be scarce. Layer onto the equation viewability considerations and  avoiding non-human “viewers” and the calculus for a programmatic video media buy gets complicated fast. We ask some of the most experienced digital media buyers how they are using both art and science to map buying strategies against campaign goals. 

Tyler Loechner , Reporter, MediaPost
Beatriz Fernandez de Bordons , SVP of Performance Media, Performics
Bruce Kiernan , Programmatic Specialist, MEC
Ryan McArthur , Executive Vice President, US Interactive Media
Christine Peterson , Managing Director of Investment, Initiative
Alan Smith , Chief digital Officer, Assembly
2:15 PM Presentation: May, Every Day: Re-Imagining The Upfront

Now in the teeth of the upfront, marketers and programmers are once again wondering how long it will continue as we know it. The premise and promise of one-to-one marketing and personalized messages that marketers have realized with digital spends runs in conflict with committing huge sums of money in advance to one-size-fits-all targets and programming. The new reality will allow marketers to focus their budgets on precisely who they want to reach and when, while enabling broadcasters to parse their inventory for maximum yield. Great news for our industry… and for shrimp populations worldwide.

Kevin Rettig , Senior Manager, Global Media Management , Accenture
2:45 PM Coffee Break
3:00 PM The New TV Plan: Cherry Picking And The Future of Television

TV planners have always used data to drive their decisions. But the wealth and precision of online, household and viewing data points is fundamentally changing the science of planning to a new art of cherry picking. As they hunt audiences rather than contexts,  planners are reconfiguring the usual mix of shows, often finding value and incremental reach in unexpected places. How is this being done and what are its implications for the entire TV economy? Will data-driven TV planning change not only traditions like the up fronts but even impact what kinds of programming gets made? 

Jonathan Bokor , SVP, Director of Advanced Media, MediaVest Group
Zac Moffatt , Co-Founder, Targeted Victory
Jamie Power , Managing Partner, Modi Media
Anush Prabhu , Chief Channel Planning and Investment Officer, Deutsch NY
Wendell Wenjen , VP, Business Development, Simulmedia
3:45 PM The Creative Conundrum: Defusing The Format Explosion

From the old fashioned :30s and :60s to 6-second Vines, skippable pre-rolls to outstream units, video advertising is faced with a format glut. And many of these emerging opportunities are no longer custom one-offs but part of programmatic platforms with scale. It is no longer possible simply to repurpose TV spots if marketers want their stories to be told where users now dwell. How are creatives and planners starting to think strategically about building video campaigns with format fragmentation in mind? When are native executions worthwhile, and when is a chopped down :15 still good enough? 

Alan Chapell , President, Chapell & Associates
Renee Blake , SVP, Executive Creative Director, Moxie
Keith Pape , VP, Marketing & Digital Engagement, One+K
Nick Pappas , CEO, SwellShark
Jonathan Weitz , Partner, IBB Consulting
4:30 PM Conference Concludes

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