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Wednesday, September 30

12:45 PM
Steve Smith, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost
1:00 PM
1:15 PM
2:00 PM
Seems like we’ve been here before. Media buyers want access to more quality inventory in the exchanges. Publishers remain reticent to see their coveted and higher priced  video space get commoditized by automation and bidding dynamics. So what is the state of the video inventory in programmatic channels? Has the private exchange economy kicked in here at scale yet to assuage both sides? Have media buyers adjusted their definition of “premium” video inventory? What is the “quality” in programmatic video, and how are media buyers finding what they need?
Brian Nadres, Director of Programmatic Media, The Media Kitchen
Doug Fleming, Director, Programmatic Sales, hulu
Harvin Furman, SVP, Group Director, Digital Acceleration, Starcom USA
Adam Kasper, Chief Media Officer, Havas Media
Oleg Korenfeld, SVP, AdTech & Platforms, MediaVest
Bryan Noguchi, SVP, Media Director, R2C Group
2:45 PM

The desktop screen was never optimal for video viewing, and so consumer migration to mobile Web, apps and now OTT platforms has been swift and challenging. Following the migration is easier said than done as these systems strain traditional formats, monetization approaches, targeting and measurement. CBS Interactive GM Christy Tanner explores the new complexity of taking video out of the browser.


Christy Tanner, Senior Vice President and General Manager, CBS Interactive Media Group
3:15 PM
Coffee Break
3:30 PM
After years of speculation, Apple is about to launch it’s app-centric television platform. What are the opportunities for advertising on the platform, now and in the future? What learnings from mobile can we apply to unlock the power of games, streaming, and shopping in the living room? And how can OTT platforms be integrated into a larger programmatic  video strategy?
Adam Simon, Director of Strategy, IPG Media Lab
3:45 PM

In just the last six months most of the major social nets have formalized their entry into video with products that combine their advanced audience building, keyword and behavioral targeting with a native in-feed format. But how are they performing relative to traditional formats and channels? And how are brands using them most effectively?


Tom Buontempo, President, Attention/kbs+
Elizabeth Brock, Director, Social Media & Branded Content, Socialyse
Oliver Schenkel, Media Director, Noble People
Abby Sewell, Director of Accounts & Media Specialist, Touchstorm
4:15 PM

Taxis, elevators, malls, treadmills, airplane seats and more. Any place that can fit a screen will have a screen, This generation of video will all be IP-based, opening up even more inventory to be linked, targeted and automated through programmatic systems. How addressable is the Out-Of-Home video network already? What is the promise here, not only for extending video advertising programmatically, but for weaving these screens in with mobile, Web and TV?  

Barry Frey, President & CEO, DPAA
Jean Beaudry, COO, Broadsign
Mike Coppola, Vice President, Head of Media & Advertising, TouchTunes, Inc.
Helma Larkin, CEO, Posterscope US
4:45 PM
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