Google Promises 1-Gig Web Connections

Los Angeles Times, Thursday, March 31, 2011 11:24 AM
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No doubt, greater access to faster Web connections has fueled a digital bacchanalia for publishers, advertisers and consumers. To keep the party going, Google is planning to slowly roll out a 1-gigabit, fiber-optic connection nationwide. First Stop: Kansas City, Kansas, which Google hopes to hookup by 2012. "Think what you're going to do with a gigabit; 1,000 megabits," Patrick Pichette, Google's chief financial officer, said this week before a packed auditorium at Kansas City's Wyandotte High School.

"Speed is like oxygen; when you have it, you take it for granted. Once you don't have it, you realize it's everything." Yes, "One detail Google has yet to get into for its Google Fiber service is just how much it will cost consumers," notes The Los Angeles Times. While Kansas City is set to be the first to get Google Fiber service, the plan is to roll it out to more cities and get the nation up to broadband speed. According to the L.A. Times, most U.S. homes currently paying for high-speed Internet connections are receiving data at less than 10 megabits a second.

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