QR Code Startup Scan Secures $1.7M

Venture Beat, Thursday, February 23, 2012 11:37 AM
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QR code assistant Scan has raised $1.7 million in funding from some choice investors, including Menlo Ventures and Google Ventures. The start-up boasts 10 million downloads in less than a year later. What’s driving usage? “The company wanted to make it simple for anyone to create a QR code and to find ways to engage with them that took user experience seriously,” VentureBeat reports.

Said Scan founder Garrett Gee: “Most people are interacting with QR codes using their phones, but a lot of time that took them to a mobile Web site that was poorly designed.” Driving additional interest in the company, Scan has already scored some big clients, including NBA teams and Lady Gaga, who used their app to create QR code campaigns.

Additional investors include Yuri Milner’s Start Fund, Social + Capital Partnership, and Lady Gaga manager Troy Carter. Says Gee: “It’s kind of exciting to think what we can do now that we actually have a budget for marketing.” Meanwhile, “The vision for Scan goes beyond the QR code, which helps to explain why Google is so interested,” VentureBeat writes.

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