Grading The Engines' Olympic Offerings

StraightUpSearch, Monday, August 18, 2008 12:32 PM
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With the Summer Olympics in full swing, OneUpWeb's Alex analyzes the search enhancements offered by each of the engines and crowns Live Search the king. "In my opinion, the search engine that displays the most information and provides the easiest access to medal coverage, videos, and news articles is Live Search," he says.

As Around the Net in Search covered last week, Microsoft has packed Live Search with Olympics-themed news, video clips, and the medal count table--and it's all available before searchers even run a query. Google also offers medal count info, news and even boasts a mobile site, as well as an Olympics YouTube channel.

Yahoo and Ask, on the other hand, offer links to the official Beijing Olympics Web site -- and in Ask's case, snippets of info from Wikipedia as well as images of the current athletes. Yahoo has a dedicated Olympics page within Yahoo Sports that's packed with news, video clips and medal counts. Still, Live Search rules because it gives searchers most of this info at-a-glance, with no need to click away to another page.
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