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Harvey Chipkin

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  • Focusing On The Local  in Marketing: Travel on 03/20/2017

    Tip O'Neill, the legendary Massachusetts congressman, famously said, "All politics is local." And now it seems all hospitality is local. Hotel brands and operators are racing to out-local each other. They profess to be training their staffs to be the equivalent of classic concierges: knowing the hottest new restaurant in town, where to get the best deal on clothing and where to hear music usually reserved for those in the know. And they're employing technology in the form of interactive maps and virtual reality to step up the local game even more.

  • Social Media From The Summit in Marketing: Travel on 02/20/2017

    Keeping up with social media seems daunting, especially for those marketers whose professional careers predate it and who are trying to adapt. Laura Davidson Public Relations, which has been around for 25 years, aims to stay on top of the phenomenon and proved it recently when it held its first Social Media Summit in New York. While it has its own social media experts on staff, LDPR partnered with a company called Gather + Grow Media to partner on the event, attended by LDPR staff, clients and media.

  • Does Tech Sell Rooms? in Marketing: Travel on 01/16/2017

    How important is the latest in technology to a traveler's decision to stay in a hotel? Obviously, good (and ideally free) Wi-Fi is a given - but how much stock do hoteliers put in marketing their tech abilities? Marketers for tech-forward hotels place a priority on promoting it, but with qualifications because while everyone might appreciate and understand a great bed or restaurant, technology is more complex.

  • One Person, Multiple Devices And Channels in Marketing: Travel on 12/19/2016

    When two people visit Amazon's website, they get two different experiences based on their past histories with the retailer. This "Amazon effect" has changed consumer expectations, and puts pressure on travel suppliers to deliver personalization and relevance at every touchpoint. Imagine the following examples.

  • Saturday Morning TV: Carnival - Not Cartoons in Marketing: Travel on 11/21/2016

    TV is the thing this year TV is the thing this year Radio was great but it's out of date TV is the thing this year. Those lyrics are from a 1953 Dinah Washington song (warning: it's rich in double entendre) and, guess what, for all the digital frenzy, TV is sometimes still the thing for travel marketers who see the medium as a tool that can be incomparably powerful in the right situations.

  • Message Therapy in Marketing: Travel on 10/17/2016

    In the 1960's, Marshall McLuhan, a philosopher and public intellectual, famously said, "The medium is the message" - meaning it is the media platform itself that is most important - not the content of what the medium is delivering.

  • Three Cheers For The Red, Blue - And Neutral in Marketing: Travel on 09/19/2016

    Once again, a Washington hotel proves it's possible to capitalize on political excitement without upsetting potential customers. As was the case with The Jefferson hotel pushing a puppy for president (see my column), the equally venerable Mayflower Hotel (part of Marriott's Autograph Collection) launched a campaign earlier this year positioning itself as the city's "official bi-partisan" hotel. Upon check-in, guests are asked to select a red or blue guest room key card, signifying #TheMayflowerVote. - and triggering an informal straw poll. Of course, any guests who aren't interested in being polled can simply request a standard room key.

  • Pet Peeve: Pet Programs in Marketing: Travel on 08/15/2016

    Pet peeve: pet programs and other examples of marketing me-tooism. It's impossible to count how many hotels and hotel brands in the past 10-15 years have issued press releases about their pet programs. They inevitably have cutesy names - usually involving a tired pun; and they might include something "creative" like a monogrammed collar.

  • A Puppy For President? in Marketing: Travel on 07/18/2016

    Ordinarily, it would not be wise for a hotel brand to get political - why alienate a large minority of your customers? But during an election season with so much focus on the news, there are ways to tap into the interest without taking sides.

  • Maximizing TV + Video in Marketing: Travel on 06/20/2016

    For marketers, it's all about the screen now. And while so much focus is on video, there is still power in television - and more power in maximizing campaigns that combine video with TV. The trick, as with all new media, is to do it right and there are multiple companies claiming that they hold the key.

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