Why You Might Not Need a Dedicated IP

An email sender reputation is like a credit score - having no history is treated the same as having an unsavory history. Because sender reputation is built through frequency and tenure, email marketers who do not mail frequently may benefit from a shared IP, where their sender reputation can piggy-back on the volume and history of other senders using the same IP. The caveat, of course, is that if the other senders compromise the IP's reputation, every sender using it can suffer.  ...More

  • Is Online Chatter Predicting The Success (Or Failure) Of Your Email Campaigns?

    I recently read a statistic in the Harvard Business Review that researchers who invested in brands based on online reviews did 7.9% better than the S&P 500 index. After studying four years' worth of product reviews of 15 brands -- almost 350,000 reviews -- they found there were two major predictors of performance: one was the sheer volume of reviews and the other was negative chatter. This got me wondering: Do marketers see email performance spikes or dives based on reviews and chatter over time? ...More