Friday, March 6, 2015
  • Brewer Bringing Summer Shandy Relief

    "The campaign is celebrating the return of Shock Top Lemon Shandy, designed to bring a summertime vibe to cold weather cities in desperate need of escaping winter's frigid grip," Jake Kirsch, vice president of Shock Top, tells "Marketing Daily." ...Read the whole story

  • Norway Asks America: Are ComfyBalls Immoral?

    Norwegian fan favorite ComfyBalls, which sells what it calls the ultimate comfort boxer trunks, has a problem: The U.S. Patent Office has refused to grant it a trademark, alleging the name of the product "includes immoral or scandalous matter." ...Read the whole story

  • NRF: Americans To Spend More To Get Their Green On

    The National Retail Federation reports that a long, bleak winter has Americans eager to get their green on, with consumers planning to spend a few shillings more on this year's St. Patrick's Day celebrations. ...Read the whole story

  • Johnnie Walker Unveils Smart Bottle That Sends Marketing Messages

    Johnnie Walker's premier Blue Label blend has unveiled a prototype "smart bottle" that enables the brand to, among other things, send targeted, personalized marketing messages to consumers. ...Read the whole story

  • Harley-Davidson Rolls Its Own With New Integrated Campaign

    Real Harley-Davidson riders doing donuts and wheelies, jumps, ice racing, and dirt racing are the stars of a new campaign by Harley that includes TV, print ads, online ads, and social media. "I think the overwhelming feedback we got when we were in X Games last year told us they had no idea of the bikes we have and the ways you can ride a Harley," says Dino Bernacchi, Harley-Davidson's director. ...Read the whole story

Capital One Puts Money Where Its Mouth Is With Tech Scholarships

The lack of diversity at tech companies, and the concomitant dearth of opportunities for many Americans to get digital skills that make them competitive is appalling. There are a lot of jobs out there in the ...More