Tuesday, May 29, 2007
  • Canadian Campaign Exhorts U.S. Tourists To Personalize Visit

    [Tourism] Canada's tourism marketing vice president says Americans see their northern neighbor as being like the United States 25 years ago--unspoiled. "They like the idea of coming to a place that has natural environment but also with sophisticated cities. What we need to do is give them [specific] ideas behind a plethora of things to see and do. In the past, we have under-promised and over-delivered." ...Read the whole story

  • Florida Markets Self As Vacation Destination To ... Floridians

    [Tourism] The state is spending $1.2 million on an in-state television campaign this summer centered on the theme ''Passions in Your Own Backyard.'' Now in its second year, the Floridian vacation campaign is paired with a web site that lets users plot Florida trips by the number of hours they want to drive within the state. ...Read the whole story

  • New Michigan Campaign Draws Interest, But Gas Hikes May Hurt

    [Tourism] Travel Michigan's VP says that in tourism, "there are some things you can control, like great branding. This work, from McCann-Erickson, is the best creative I've ever been associated with. But with other things--like gas prices and the weather--you just have to take your chances." ...Read the whole story

  • Hotels Could Leverage Snack Attacks By Lowering Minibar Fees

    [Hospitality] A TripAdvisor survey finds that travelers have a frosty relationship with hotel mini-bars, with 33% saying they avoid them completely because they are too expensive. Travelers said they would like to see healthier snack options available, although many also want old staples like beef jerky. ...Read the whole story

  • Study Finds Holiday Decorating Boosts Consumers' Moods

    [Retail] No one needs to buy decorations, but consumers desire them because they add to their enjoyment of holidays and family celebrations. Says one retail expert: "Since boosting our mood is their primary function, decorations are really a low-cost, non-prescription alternative to anti-depressants." ...Read the whole story

  • New York Station Kicks Off Kids Summer Exercise Program

    [Media] Univision 41 has branded a children's music quartet that is reportedly so popular among Spanish-speaking families that kids won't go to bed without their goodnight message. Now, the station is launching a series of weekly public get-togethers to get kids off the sofa. ...Read the whole story

  • 60% Plan To Fly To Vacation Spot; Some Mix Business, Pleasure

    [Trend] Despite crowded airports, prices are holding firm, Expedia's Travel Trendwatch survey finds. Travelers are heading off the beaten path to beat peak-season crowds, and many will mix pleasure while on business trips. ...Read the whole story