Friday, April 18, 2008
  • American Express CMO: 'Go From Disrupting To Empowering'

    [Conference] Claire Bennett threw down a gauntlet at the outset: digital, traditional, grassroots -- it doesn't matter if consumers don't want it. Paraphrasing Einstein, she said any marketing fool can overwhelm consumers with meaningless information, but it takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction. ...Read the whole story

  • Focalyst: Baby Boomer Misconceptions Die Hard

    [Research] Heather Stern, Focalyst's director of marketing and client development, says, "It's still about educating them on the basics. It can be difficult getting this message across, not only for us but for clients who are having difficulty in rallying their organizations around appealing to this market." ...Read the whole story

  • Corona Breaks New Creative For 'Cinco de Mayo'

    [Beverages] The new spot opens on a Corona Extra and lime set against the backdrop of the iconic Corona beach. Hushed whispers turn louder as viewers watch two beachcombers make their way toward festive music and a brightly lit beach party. As the camera follows the couple, the front view of the Corona Extra reveals five chilling Coronas with limes in an ice block. The last bottle displays "Cinco" on the label and becomes part of the tag. ...Read the whole story

  • P&G Unit Chief Lights The Way To Entertained Consumers

    [Conference] "What we have learned in eight years is that there is a message the consumer wants to hear, and really doesn't mind [being subjected to] advertising as long as it's relevant," says Tremor's Steve Knox. But, he adds, in terms of campaigns meant to generate buzz, marketers are shooting themselves in the foot. ...Read the whole story

  • Loving Leftovers: Food Prices Change The Way Americans Eat

    [Food] The biggest winner is a cozy four-letter word: Home. "In uncertain times, home is going to become a greater source for meals and snacks. It's where we have always liked to eat," says NPD Group's Harry Balzer, pointing out that one of the few growth areas in restaurants in recent years has been in take-out. ...Read the whole story

  • Userplane CEO Reflects On Potential Yahoo/AOL Merger

    [Technology] As Time Warner and Yahoo weigh a cash infusion to seal an AOL/Yahoo deal, Userplane, an AOL subsidiary acquired in 2006 to lead the company into the social networking/ad supported business, prepares to release a video playback platform in May and a bulletin board platform in June. Mike Jones, its founder/CEO, shares his thoughts. ...Read the whole story

  • General Mills Debuts Gluten-Free Rice Chex

    The Minneapolis-based company replaced barley malt syrup with molasses resulting in a gluten-free cereal. The company has taken the requisite steps to prevent cross contamination during production and tested the new formula based on proposed FDA standards, it said. Rice Chex cereal calls out its gluten-free status on new packaging that will be available soon on store shelves nationwide. Suggested retail price is $2.99. Rice Chex cereal also offers consumers convenient recipes that can be made without gluten-containing ingredients at M. Lentini ...Read the whole story

Advocacy Is NOT A Media Buy

Your customers don't need incentives to act; if you empower and inform them, they will have the ability to drive more favorable opinions and build the feeling of "I helped build that" and "I'm part of ...More