• Drivers Happier With Dealership Services Departments

    [Automotive] J.D. Power's study suggests the things that make customers happy in auto service are probably the same as in medical intervention: communication, clear, cogent explanation before and after to explain the procedure and charges and why the charges and work was fair and appropriate. ...Read the whole story

  • Sony Campaign Illustrates Technological Birth Process

    [Electronics] The biggest challenge became making something so abstract seem believable and real, says 180LA writer Graham Douglas. "We wanted it to seem like a situation that could happen in your living room when you step out," he says. "The visuals are delightfully odd." ...Read the whole story

  • Nike Kicks Off Sneaker Smackdown

    [Retail] The countdown to the Beijing Olympics is just weeks away, which can only mean one thing: Athletic-shoe companies are preparing to give armchair athletes goosebumps. And expect them to pull out all the emotional stops, hoping that verklempt consumers will overlook the soft U.S. economy and go shoe shopping. ...Read the whole story

  • Oil Economist Gets Warm Welcome At Motor Press Gathering

    [Automotive] John Felmy said Congress should be more helpful to the oil companies by not arguing for higher taxes, or for quicker exploration of leased lands. He says the latter is impossible because it is expensive and time-consuming to explore. "The argument that the industry should focus on [property] that doesn't have drilling going on; well, oil leases don't come with Mapquest." ...Read the whole story

  • Air Travel Means Endless Ads For Captive Audience

    [Transportation] Once branding consultant warns that the ads could nosedive. "By advertising in the usually highly stressful and negative environments of air travel," says Denise Lee Yohn, "brands risk subconsciously associating themselves with the stress, fatigue, and frustration that people feel in those environments." ...Read the whole story

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