Friday, October 31, 2008
  • Like Mom And Pop, Gen Y Seeks Vehicle Safety

    Gen Y buyers are usually first-time car buyers and are therefore sensitive to issues of trust. And, says Strategic Vision, they are also more sensitive to security issues as they feel less personally secure than other age groups. Seventy-nine percent of Gen Y buyers said they desire a vehicle that offers security, can be trusted, is safe and evinces confidence. ...Read the whole story

  • Avon Vows To Keep Advertising, Marketing Spend Up

    So much for that old theory that lipstick is absolutely recession-proof: Avon Products says its sales slipped 3% in North America in the third quarter, as American women cut back on their spending. ...Read the whole story

  • Jose Cuervo Takes Living Well To Next Level

    Three months after winning the North American creative account, JWT has launched a new campaign for the top-selling tequila brand. Called "Live Notoriously Well," the campaign provides what's called a tongue-in-cheek "guide on how to take life's experiences to the next level, responsibly." ...Read the whole story

  • Shows Viral's Power With Obama Vid

    It works so well, says brand guru Laura Reis, president of Ries & Ries Focusing Consultants, because "Obama is such a strong and powerful brand, consumers are proud to advertise for him and receive ads from him. Passing along a pure Obama advertisement is something (especially right before Election Day) consumers are happy to do and happy to receive." ...Read the whole story

  • With Christmas In Sight, Kohl's Takes Off The Gloves

    TV spots, which the company says will take advantage of the three weekends leading up to Thanksgiving, showcase the store's private brands, with the first spot breaking next week, airing simultaneously across all network stations. Ads are also running on cable, and Kohl's will begin airing an ad promoting the brand in Spanish, as well. ...Read the whole story

  • Touting Technology, P&G's Always Dangles Tech Toys

    The "Greatest Innovation Contest" invites girls to send in photos with captions describing "the life-changing innovation that you can't live without." One winner will get an MP3 player, mobile phone, a $500 American Express gift card and year's supply of Always Infinity. ...Read the whole story

  • Nissan Helps Drive Bravo's 'Actors Studio'

    NBC Universal's Bravo network has inked a deal bringing a top-line sponsor to its veteran "Inside the Actors Studio" for the first time. Even as some auto marketers pull in the spending reins, Nissan's Infiniti has signed on with a multi-tiered attachment to the James Lipton-hosted show. ...Read the whole story

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  • 7-Eleven Election Genius: Hail To The Beans!

    Many brands may be interested in purchasing the right to be on these cups for market research. I would think Huggies and Pampers would love the opportunity to battle it out. Perhaps it's a good, trackable ...More