• GM: Chevy, Caddy Drive To Super Bowl

    The mileage it gets from the game-day juggernaut comprising ads before the game, four ads in the game, and two after may well come from how the ads are integrated with GM's digital and social-media programs prior to, on, and after Feb 5. ...Read the whole story

  • Survey: 100% Bought CE Device At Holiday

    "I was floored," Janet Eden-Harris, chief marketing officer at Market Force Information, which conducted the survey in January 2012, tells "Marketing Daily." "It was a representative mix of consumers. ...Read the whole story

  • Coke Integrates Live-Stream, Social For Bowl

    The big news is that the bears will be reacting to the game's events (and the commercials) in real time via a live-stream running throughout the game, and simultaneously interacting with game-watchers on Facebook and Twitter. ...Read the whole story

  • Poll Reveals Most Consumers Like Their Bank

    Contrary to the widely held belief that banks have hit an all-time low in their approval ratings, more than half of consumers surveyed by TD Bank say they are committed to their bank. ...Read the whole story

  • Super Bowl Parties To Break Record

    Whether the New England Patriots or the New York Giants come away from the Super Bowl with the trophy, the real winner of the big game is likely to be America's supermarkets and restaurants. ...Read the whole story

  • Callaway Golf Goes To Las Vegas

    Ads to air during CBS' coverage of the Farmer's Insurance Open promote the company's line with stunts in Las Vegas meant to spotlight the power, accuracy and innovation of the new product line. ...Read the whole story

  • Branded Web Names Herald New Era

    Beginning this month, a core component of Internet infrastructure will undergo a dramatic change that will provide marketers with a unique method of making a ... ...More

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