Monday, August 29, 2016

Around The Net

  • Apple Readies IPhone 7 Debut Business Insider

    Apple is expected to make a big announcement on Sept. 7, which some think will be related to the iPhone 7. "It's expected to announce the next iPhone model and possibly a new version of the Apple Watch," Business Insider reports. "According to numerous reports, leaked photos, and industry gossip, this year's iPhone ... is expected to look nearly identical to the iPhone 6s, but with a larger camera, redesigned antenna lines, and no headphone jack." ...Read the whole story

  • Is Google X Struggling? Re/code

    Not all is going according to plan at Google X -- the company's "moonshot" maker. "Several people who have recently left X and those close to it describe the Alphabet unit as sputtering, unable to bring projects to life," Recode reports. "They say the issues at X aren't technical hurdles, but a combination of red tape and knotty internal politics." ...Read the whole story

  • 5G Mobile Phones Projected To Ship In 2020 FierceWireless
  • Samsung Starts Marketing Smart Refrigerator M2M Cafe
Global Marketing Spend? Decline, Decline, Decline

About 2,000 marketers, agency executives and media owners deliver data to World Economics Global Marketing Index (GMI) each month, creating a global picture of "the state of marketing" by region. The picture isn't pretty, with many ...More