Friday, September 19, 2014
  • OPA Calls 'Online' Irrelevant, Becomes DCN: Focus Now On Digital 'Content'

    In a move that is symbolic of the fundamental shifts taking place among big digital publishers, the Online Publishers Association has changed its name to Digital Content Next. The trade association, formerly known as the OPA, says it is making the move because there are broader issues confronting how its members distribute content and monetize it from marketers and consumers, but the simpler truth may be that the words "online" and "publishing" may have become passe, and less than relevant in an era of media ubiquity. ...Read the whole story

  • Dentsu Aegis' Morris Says Mobile Having 'Fundamental' Impact

    A fundamental change has taken place in the last 12 months as audiences rapidly migrate from the desktop Web to mobile devices to consume media, with ad dollars flowing to the companies fastest to adapt to the changing digital landscape. Geolocation -- a capability that sets mobile apart from other media types -- could prove crucial in luring more ad dollars, given the proximity to point of sale. ...Read the whole story

  • Google To Fund Content For Some Top YouTube Creators

    Attempting to convince YouTube Talent not to jump to Facebook or other competing Web sites, Google said it has furthered its investments to help talent shine. The site expanded support to full-scale marketing and advertising campaigns, helping turn successful creators with large fan bases like Bethany Mota and Epic Rap Battles of History into household names. ...Read the whole story

  • Digital Video Views On Rise

    Digital TV-video viewing continues to climb -- but it's still way behind traditional TV consumption. U.S. broadband households spend on average 1.3 hours per week watching video on a tablet and 1.6 hours per week watching video on a smartphone, per Parks Associates. ...Read the whole story

  • Nexage Sees Mobile Programmatic Spend Increase 227% YoY

    Mobile ad exchange Nexage on Thursday announced that programatic spend through its exchange is up 227% year-over-year. Private exchange use via Nexage is up 718% thus far in 2014, per a release. ...Read the whole story

  • Forecast Finds Ad Spend On Facebook Exceeds Time Spent

    A new forecast suggests that ad spending on Facebook is outpacing the share of attention it commands daily in digital media. U.S. adults will spend an average of 21 minutes a day on Facebook this year, accounting for a third of time spent on social networks, 6% on digital devices, and 2.8% on all media. Users' attention on Facebook, however, is likely to be closely focused on content, where native ads in the news feed aren't as easily ignored. ...Read the whole story

Around The Net

  • One-Touch Mobile Payment Gets Boost from Apple PayInternet Retailer

    Yes, yes, you can use your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to pay for merchandise in stores by merely touching the home button while you’re near a cash register. Huge ramifications for the slumbering mobile payments market. But there’s something else happening that could have a far greater impact on e-retail, for all merchants, not just those with physical stores. Earlier this year, Apple Inc. reached out to companies with highly successful mobile apps and asked them if they would like to be the first to integrate into their apps one-touch checkout via Apple Pay and the iPhone 6 and 6 ... ...Read the whole story

  • Biometrics Grows for Mobile Payment SecurityInfosecurity

    As the future of payments becomes increasingly mobile and digital, moving away from simple, static password-based authentication and towards more advanced methods that will improve security, as well as enable frictionless commerce, has become a stretch goal for the commerce sector. Samsung and Alipay, the largest third-party online payment provider in China, are gearing up to do their part with the launch the first Fast IDentification Online (FIDO)-Ready authentication ecosystem in the Far East. Alipay offers payment and escrow services for transactions on Alibaba Group’s marketplaces as well as to third parties in China. It plans to enable secure online payments via the ... ...Read the whole story

  • Partnership Formed for Mobile Security PlatformMobile Commerce Press
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