Thursday, August 27, 2015
  • Snapchat Taps Mattel Exec As Acting CFO

    After a nearly year-long search, Snapchat has tapped Drew Vollero to oversee its financial operations. The new hire comes as Snapchat is trying to find its financial footing. ...Read the whole story

  • WSJ Launches 'What's News' Mobile App

    The Wall Street Journal has launched a new mobile-only app for the iPhone, "What's News," providing a digital version of the news-at-a-glance feature from the front page of the print newspaper. The app is only available to WSJ subscribers, who receive it as a free additional product. ...Read the whole story

  • Appnext Launches Native Video Ads

    Appnext, a Tel Aviv-based programmatic platform, has announced the launch of a native video ad solution, allowing publishers to serve ads on a cost-per-install basis. The native videos will be available through API feeds, full screen interstitials, and rewarded video ads that are shown in return for powerups or lives. ...Read the whole story

  • 'We Did Too Many Things': 'Angry Birds' Maker Rovio To Cut 260 Jobs

    Rovio Entertainment, the maker of mobile game "Angry Birds," announced today that it will lay off up to 260 employees. "Angry Birds 2" had 50 million downloads in its first month, according to Rovio, which makes the news of job cuts all the more surprising. ...Read the whole story

Around The Net

  • iOS 9 Content Blocking 'Could Create Serious Threat' For PublishersThe Next Web

    The Next Web's Owen Williams says that Apple iOS 9's new content blocking capabilities will "transform" the mobile Web. "What’s clear to me is that ad blocking offers serious, clear advantages to those using iPhones that could create a serious threat for publishers’ ad revenue on mobile, but it’s probably a good thing," he writes. Williams adds that ad blocking "might finally present [publishers] with a reason to care more and work to improve the performance of their sites and offer better alternatives to heavy, slow advertising." ...Read the whole story

  • Best Buy Begins Marketing Apple WatchBloomberg

    So much for the Apple Watch being a niche product. Best Buy Co., at least, is convinced that the high-tech gadget has mass appeal. The retailer is the world’s largest electronics chain, earning the designation by selling mainstream products like laptops and flat-screen television sets.  ...Read the whole story

  • Android Wear Watches Coming Next WeekCnet

    Can't get enough of smartwatches? Well, a whole new batch is on its way. Asus, Huawei, LG and Motorola will introduce their newest smartwatches next week at the IFA electronics trade show in Berlin, according to people familiar with the companies' launch plans. ...Read the whole story

Study Shows How Cell Phone Use Upsets Social Bonds

Suddenly awash in connected gadgets, our culture is struggling mightily to establish acceptable mobile computing customs. Distracted driving is thriving, and costing thousands of lives a year. And gadgets are mentally (and emotionally) distancing people who ...More

  • 11% Plan to Get a Wearable Fitness Tracker, 71% Don't

    Data needs connections. The more connected devices there are the more data that can be accumulated, analyzed and used. And much of the useful consumer data of the Internet of Things will be coming from wearable ...More