Monday, April 27, 2015
  • Apple Watch Launch Gives Search Marketers New Opportunities

    The Apple Watch began shipping this week and arriving in some stores Friday -- just not its own. Voice search features in Siri and those built into apps for Apple Watch provide marketers with new opportunities. ...Read the whole story

  • Execs To Increase Digital Video Ads

    Attendance at NewFronts presentations by media advertising executives resulted in overall interest and long-term revenue gains for new digital video platforms -- but not necessarily near-term "direct" deals. NewFronts presentations have generated much interest in the medium, but few result in specific revenue changes/shifts in traditional TV upfront advertising. ...Read the whole story

  • Time-Shifted TV Viewing Dips For Millennials, Teens

    Traditional TV time-shifted viewing is finally seeing some declines among younger TV viewers. Nielsen says DVR/time-shifted viewing time is now dropping for viewers 18-34 as well as 12- to-17-year-old viewers. ...Read the whole story

Around The Net

  • PayPal Testing NFC PaymentsMobile Commerce Daily

    With PayPal’s mobile payments transactions volume increasing 40 percent year-over-year, the business is testing NFC payments prior to its imminent split from eBay, executives revealed this week during the ecommerce leader’s first quarter earnings call. Following PayPal’s acquisition of fellow commerce platform Paydiant in March, PayPal is planning to allow bank partners and merchants to integrate more mobile wallet functions into their own applications as part of its technology agnostic approach. Ultimately, PayPal aims to leverage a slew of mobile commerce opportunities in addition to NFC payments, such as QR codes, HCE and Bluetooth. ...Read the whole story

  • Russian Hackers Read Obama's Email Time

    Russian hackers gained access to some of President Obama's declassified emails last year when they broke into White House computer networks, according to a new report in The New York Times. The story also revealed that hackers were able to get into the email archives of government officials who work in the White House and communicate with the President. The hackers did not get into the highly-classified emails and were unable to access the servers that store data from Obama's Blackberry. ...Read the whole story

  • Skava Acquired for $120 MillionTechCrunch

    Infosys, the India-headquartered consulting and IT firm, is on the verge of making its second significant acquisition of the year after it announced a deal to buy digital e-commerce services provider Kallidus for $120 million. It also made a $2 million investment in an air monitoring startup. With the Kallidus deal Infosys, which revealed the acquisition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software company Panaya for $200 million in February, is buying the holding group behind Skava. The San Francisco-based company provides a cloud-based platform that powers a range of online services for retailers, for example mobile wallets, apps, web stores, and more. ...Read the whole story

Future Proofing For A World Of Autonomous Marketing Platforms

The next generation of digital audience platforms -- delivering really compelling experiences to people and inventing new ways for brands to get involved -- is both exciting and frightening. At first glance it seems that a lot ...More

  • Mobile Commerce Readies to Flip the ON Switch

    The technology is getting ready for a virtual onslaught of new commerce behaviors which are now aligning in the marketplace. As I visited various malls, retailers and merchant locations over the weekend, it struck me that ...More

  • Facebook: No Longer Just For Stalking, But For Stocking Up

    Just as marketers were starting to dismiss Facebook for its low engagement rates and aging user base, the social media mammoth announced a series of updates that indicate the platform has the full intention of remaining ...More