Thursday, October 8, 2015
  • Facebook Rolls Out Lead Ads

    After what it's calling a successful trial run, Facebook is rolling out lead-generation-based mobile ads to all interested parties. From newsletters to price quotes, the ads streamline the process of signing up to receive information from advertisers. ...Read the whole story

  • Marketers Come Up Short On Cross-Channel

    Currently, only 27% of marketers are capable of measuring the user experience across channels and devices. However, 74% of marketers feel their organizations are either successfully or very successfully executing cross-channel marketing campaigns. ...Read the whole story

  • Experian Data Breach Shows Need For Cybersecurity Laws, Senators Say

    Experian's recent data breach, which may have exposed the social security numbers of millions of T-Mobile customers, shows the need for a new data breach bill, a group of lawmakers said on Wednesday. ...Read the whole story

  • ZypMedia Brings Programmatic To Politics

    ZypMedia, a programmatic media-buying platform for local advertising formerly known as ExtendTV, has announced a new political advertising tool called Target Canvassing. The tool utilizes ZypMedia's existing capabilities and platform, with the addition of a new congressional-level geotargeting capability. ...Read the whole story

  • Hyde School Launches Portable Conscience App

    Random iPhone App of the week: The Hyde School, a boarding school in Maine and Conn., launched an app, created in-house by faculty and students, that serves as a portable conscience of sorts. The free app, which can be helpful even to those not associated with the school, divides lessons into six categories: Bet On the Truth, Persist, Inner Leadership, Do Your Best, The Biggest Job (Parenting) and Self & Group Assessment. Download the app here. ...Read the whole story

Around The Net

  • Metamarkets Clients On Track To Analyze 12 Trillion EventsMarket Wired

    Real-time analytics firm Metamarkets announced yesterday it is analyzing over 100 billion events daily. It clients, including Linkedin, Twitter and Millennial Media, analyzed more than 12 trillion new events in Q3. "As mobile programmatic grows, there's been a dramatic increase in associated data volumes," said Janae McDonough, Senior Director, MoPub at Twitter. "In Q2 alone, our marketplace processed 264 billion monthly ad requests -- 55% more than the monthly average for Q4 2014." ...Read the whole story

  • Medium Debuts New Logo, FeaturesBusiness Insider

    On the heels of a big funding found, Medium is showing off a newly designed logo and bunch of new features. The changes “include revamped apps, the inclusion of ‘mentions’ to tag other Medium users in posts, and an API that lets users write in third-party apps and then publish to Medium,” Business Insider reports.   ...Read the whole story

  • Nonvoice Mobile Time Growth SlowseMarketer

    The time spend on mobile devices for nonvoice services continues to slow, according to numbers released by eMarketer Wednesday. Nonvoice time spent on tablets and mobile phones will grow 11.3% in 2015 to 2 hours and 54 minutes. The slowdown began in 2012. In 2016, growth of time spent on mobile will fall into the single digits, with U.S. adults spending an average of 3 hours and 8 minutes per day on mobile devices, excluding voice activities, per the data firm. The data doesn't say whether that includes voice search or voice services on personal assistants. ...Read the whole story

  • KFC Uses Proximity Targeting To Promote New Burrito RangeThe Drum
Algorithms In A Post-App World

Gartner analysts shared their vision for the future of technology this week in Orlando at the research firm's Symposium/ITxpo. They described a world where information gets pushed to consumers, rather than pulling in information through searches ...More

  • Smartphone Consumers: Most Use 1-6 Apps a Day, 61% Access Browser

    The app vs. mobile website dilemma continues. For the longest time, many major retailers have found that their customers prefer mobile websites over their apps, no matter how much better the app is for an interactive ...More

  • Digital And Mobile Drive In-Store Sales

    According to new research from Cofactor with Altimeter, From Web Traffic to Foot Traffic, 60% of CPG and retail marketers said they created digital messages to drive in-store purchases. However, only 37% of those companies said ...More