Thursday, March 25, 2010
  • IPad 'Provokes' Consumers, Research Finds

    "They actually said it was more provocative to them, and they see the potential value in this type of advertising," says Frank N. Magid's Natalie Suski. "Nowadays, you're looking at consumers that are so used to display, banner and Internet ads that the only thing they're interested in is viral advertising or something interesting in video ads." ...Read the whole story

  • FCC Must Stop Telecom Carriers From Acting Like 'Medieval Barons,' Says Digital Rights Group

    The digital rights groups Free Press and Public Knowledge have reiterated a request that the Federal Communications Commission establish new regulations governing text messaging. "Rather than impose a rule of law to govern text messaging, the Commission has allowed carriers to act like medieval barons exercising high and low justice over their serfs -- exacting whatever fees they desire and expecting businesses and non-profits to beg for the privilege to innovate as an act of grace rather than expect to make plans as a matter of right," the groups wrote in a letter filed on Thursday. ...Read the whole story

  • Saatchi Bros. Acquire Mobile Shop

    M&C; Saatchi on Wednesday agreed to acquire mobile marketing firm Inside Mobile. In turn, the independent ad agency is rebranding as M&C; Saatchi Mobile. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. ...Read the whole story

  • Skiff Calls Samsung Smartphones

    Skiff, the e-reader company created with an investment from Hearst, is expanding its reach through a partnership with Samsung, which has agreed to let Skiff distribute digital magazine and newspaper content to Samsung smartphones. ...Read the whole story

    Little 'Miss Independent' Is Not Getting An IPad

    "I will be 18. Legally an adult." My daughter, who now drives up in her Honda Civic and pores over her buzzing BlackBerry with the intensity of any middle manager, is coming of age in the ...More