Tuesday, January 25, 2011
  • iWallet: Apple To Integrate NFC With iOS?

    Apple, which endorses near field communication technology, will likely integrate NFC into the next version of its operating system -- allowing consumers to make contactless purchases and advertisers to serve up content and ads on mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad. ...Read the whole story

  • Study: Mobile Diners Looking For Cheap Eats Close By In The 'Burbs

    It's no surprise that finding nearby restaurants and dining options is one of the ways people use their mobile phones. Everyone's got to eat, right? New findings from a broader mobile study last year by Yahoo and Nielsen, however, aim to shed more light on the connection between cell phones and eating out (or ordering in). ...Read the whole story

  • iAd Not Much Of An Ad Fad

    The Apple iPad and iPhone may have captivated consumers and the tech trade press, but Apple's mobile iAd platform still doesn't rank particularly high in the minds of most advertisers, according to a new survey of ad agencies by Strata. The findings were especially noteworthy because the devices have definitely captured advertisers' interest. ...Read the whole story

    Getting Closer: Will iPhone 5 Make NFC Real?

    The prospect of waving your cell phone at a checkout card reader to make a purchase has been something akin to a sex dream in the mobile industry for nearly a decade or more. It doesn't ...More

    • Early Morning Email Readers Use Mobile

      Based on a composite cross sampling of 155.3 million emails sent across 12 industry segments in the 4th quarter of 2010, a new Knotice study finds that 13.36% of emails are opened by a mobile operating ...More

    • Mobile Search Behavior To Give Campaigns Traction

      An increase in consumer spending on mobile phones through emerging technologies such as near field communication (NFC), a technology Google and others continue to invest in, will push advertisers to spend more than $1 billion on ...More

    • Are Apps the New Music Video?