Thursday, January 29, 2015
  • FCC Says Broadband Now Means Speeds Of 25 Mbps

    The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday redefined broadband as speeds of at least 25 Mbps downstream and 3 Mbps upstream. That new standard -- a significant increase -- means that 17% of the U.S. population lacks access to broadband service. The FCC's redefinition of broadband could make it harder for cable companies and telecoms to argue that the market is competitive, given that many people only have one option for service at 25 Mbps. ...Read the whole story

  • YouTube To Create 'Talkable' Second-Screen Moments With Super Bowl Live-Stream Halftime Show

    YouTube plans to make the Super Bowl halftime show the ultimate in entertainment and advertising by leveraging stars, personalities and more than 115 Super Bowl ads and teasers that brands have been posting to Google's video so far this year. At present, the count is up 80% from the same time last year. ...Read the whole story

  • Nickelodeon To Offer Digital Video Service

    Another stand-alone digital video service will be launched by a traditional TV media company: Viacom will start one for Nickelodeon in February. Viacom wouldn't offer up other details only that it would be released in February -- that's around the same time Nickelodeon will have its upfront meeting with TV advertisers/ ...Read the whole story

  • Unilever Selects Omnicom's PHD, Resolution Media For Global Search Duties

    The consumer goods giant conducted a separate review for SEO and SEM efforts across its global footprint, which it wrapped just prior to confirming that it was also conducting a global media agency review. Media shop PHD and search specialist Resolution Media will partner on an integrated offering to service the account. Both shops are part of the Omnicom Media Group. ...Read the whole story

  • 90% Of Marketers Think Personalization Is The Future

    Nearly all (90%) of marketers believe individualized marketing is the future, moving "beyond segmentation to true one-to-one personalization in a real-time context," per a new report from Teradata, a data analytics and marketing firm. ...Read the whole story

  • Tumblr Backs Long-Form Content, Mobile Messaging

    Tumblr on Thursday announced support for long-form content and mobile messaging, among other changes. While pictures and video are driving social media trends at the moment, there is still demand for blog-like platforms that spotlight the written word. ...Read the whole story

  • PSAs That Pack A Punch: Domestic Violence's Star Turn

    The NFL is airing a PSA, which includes audio of a woman pretending to order a pizza in a 911 call, in the game's first quarter. And it's generating buzz about what does - and what doesn't - work on this complex social problem. ...Read the whole story

  • Is Blogging Dead?

    Is blogging dead? Is the digital revolution burning out our brightest minds? Is it time for everyone to unplug, or at least reevaluate our relationship with technology? Andrew Sullivan’s seemingly abrupt decision to cease blogging has seeded this line of questioning. Is it justified? The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza doesn’t think so. Blogs, at least, are simply publishing mediums, says Cillizza -- and publishing certainly isn’t dead. “As long as people want to read smart and shareable analysis on issues in the news, I think blogging -- at least as I conceptualize it -- will be just fine.”  ...Read the whole story

  • Did Snapchat Just Launch An App Platform?
  • Ex-NBCU Exec Sapene Joins Nativo
Rapists Using Social Media To Cover Up Crime

British police have identified a chilling new trend, in which rapists use social media to construct "false narratives" to cover their tracks after they have committed the assault. In one favored tactic, assailants have sent their ...More