Tuesday, September 2, 2014
  • Business Owners Can't Revive 'Payola' Lawsuit Against Yelp

    Siding with Yelp, a federal appellate court on Tuesday ruled that business owners couldn't proceed with allegations that the company "extorted" them by manipulating reviews. ...Read the whole story

  • Xaxis Sync Live In 9 Markets

    Xaxis Sync -- the service Xaxis recently meant to sync TV and digital ad campaigns -- is now live in nine markets, according to Beet.TV. ...Read the whole story

  • Triton Digital Unveils New Streaming Ad Platform

    Triton Digital this week unveiled its new Triton Advertising Platform to help digital audio publishers monetize their audiences for both live and on-demand streaming audio. The Tap service includes tools for forecasting available inventory and combining these forecasts with audience data for targeted ad sales ...Read the whole story

  • Netflix Urges Users To Recommend TV, Movies Via Facebook

    As part of its broader social marketing strategy, Netflix is now encouraging users to recommend particular TV shows and movies to friends and family on Facebook. Per the new feature, a user's Facebook connections will receive their recommendation the next time they log into Netflix. Those friends who have not connected Netflix and Facebook will receive their recommendation as a private message via Facebook Messenger. ...Read the whole story

  • Aereo Opposes Shutdown Request, Denies Causing 'Irreparable Harm'

    Aereo says in new court papers that it's entitled to continue operating, despite a recent Supreme Court ruling that the company infringes copyright by streaming over-the-air programs to smartphones and tablets. The Barry Diller-backed start-up argues in papers filed on Friday evening that it's now entitled to a compulsory cable license, which would allow it to transmit broadcast television shows. ...Read the whole story

  • Should News Editors Influence Social Media Algorithms?

    The Guardian’s Emily Bell argues that society would be wise to not let social networks decide what news we are each exposed to. As it stands, “The most powerful distributor of news now is not News Corp trucks or Tesco,” Bell admits. “It is an algorithm governing how items are displayed to the billion active users on Facebook.” Among other necessary adjustments, “Platforms that want public trust should be employing many more journalists than they presently do and using their knowledge to imbue automated process with values,” according to Bell.   ...Read the whole story

  • TV Ads Forecast To Hit $81B In 2014

    Led by expected growth in political advertising on TV stations this fall -- and steady national cable TV gains -- total TV advertising is projected to see a modest increase of 6.4% this year. A 2014 forecast from MoffettNathanson Research indicates that TV advertising will grow to $81.1 billion from $76.3 billion in 2013. ...Read the whole story

  • Wunderman-Controlled Shop Buys Ecommerce Firm Applogix

    It's the latest in a string of M&A deals in South Africa, one of the fastest-growing advertising markets with projected growth of 20% this year. ...Read the whole story

  • Nielsen: Brands Targeting Online More Narrowly, Missing Greater Share Of Intended Targets

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