Friday, June 26, 2015
  • Global Addressing System What3Words Wins Lions Innovation Grand Prix

    The new system addresses the fact that some 75% of the world's population has no addressing system or a poor one -- lacking house numbers, street names, ZIP and other postal codes or all of the above -- and potentially solves life-and-death issues, particularly in developing countries, where humanitarian aid can be quickly dispensed or problems with water sources rapidly located and fixed. ...Read the whole story

  • Tech Glitches Send OTT Viewers Packing

    Although over-the-top TV services may be the hot thing for many TV executives, retaining customers could be difficult -- just a few video mishaps and they could leave. A new survey says 40% will develop negative brand impressions of services that provide a poor experience quickly -- just from a "single negative experience." ...Read the whole story

  • Opens Data-Rich Content Creation Idea Studio

    With billions of pieces of data collected daily from searches on its site, has launched a data-backed content creation lab it calls IDEA Studio supported by more than a dozen creative team members and several data PhDs. The group will take on advertising conglomerates like WPP, which recently launched Truffle Pig, and video creators at YouTube that have been creating content for years. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Automatically Blocks Ad Clicks To Save Brands Money

    Search marketers cringe at the thought of paying hundreds of dollars for one accidental click. Up to 50% of clicks are accidental, per Google, citing a third-party study. Accidental clicks have become more common, especially on small smartphone screens. Just ask search marketers at some of the top retailers that sell exclusive items like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave, and Williams-Sonoma. The ad feature, unfortunately, only applies to display advertisements. ...Read the whole story

  • The CW Gains 12%-15% In Upfront

    The CW, coming off a strong year with higher viewership -- virtually the only broadcast network to do so -- has closed its upfront dealing with substantial dollar volume and mid-single-digit percentage pricing gains. "The Flash" is CW's most-watched show in the history of the network. ...Read the whole story

  • WPP Forms Cross-Agency Team To Service Aston Martin

    The arrangement comes as the British carmaker is expanding its product line in a bid to reposition itself as a luxury lifestyle brand that will extend beyond cars to items such as clothing, luggage and other products. Part of the strategy is to make the brand more appealing to women. ...Read the whole story

  • Running And Women Boost Nike Results

    The company says sales in its women's division got a 20% lift, thanks to its new "Better for it" marketing push, launched two months ago, with sales reaching $6 billion for the full fiscal year. So far, the effort has collected more than 80 million online views. ...Read the whole story

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