Tuesday, May 25, 2004
  • Reporter's Notebook: Ad:Tech San Francisco

    SAN FRANCISCO -- Online publishers and portals want to beg, borrow or steal media dollars from marketers' TV and other offline media budgets, but exactly how they do so? Broadband video advertising is at least one strategy, according to publishers, portals and technology providers attending the Ad:Tech trade show here. ...Read the whole story

  • Online Reemerges As Fastest-Growing Ad Medium

    Online ad spending expanded at six times the rate of the overall advertising economy during the first quarter of 2004, proving that it has reemerged as the fastest-growing segment of the media economy. ...Read the whole story

  • YellowPages.com, Interchange Partner For One-Stop Local Search Solution

    Local search is poised to take off. All it needs now is advertisers. This is a well-known problem in the local search market, and a new partnership between YellowPages.com and Interchange Corp. aims to address this issue by offering recalcitrant local advertisers a one-stop solution in the often confusing and fragmented local search marketplace. ...Read the whole story

  • Commission Junction Unveils New Performance-Based Pay-Per-Click Model

    Marketers, long frustrated by not knowing which half of their ad spend is wasted, have found a new ally in pay-per-click advertising models. Performance-based marketing may be the next step in the evolution of pay-per-click advertising. Because of its direct response-oriented nature, many sponsored links providers--from Google with their new Smart Pricing plan to smaller sponsored players like Kanoodle--are also beginning to incorporate performance into their placement models. ...Read the whole story

Just What Is Online Inventory?

In today's MediaDailyNews guest commentary, Tom Pace, president-CEO, Solbright, writes about the challenge of tracking online ad inventory. Solbright is a provider of sales and revenue management software for online advertising. ...More

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