Wednesday, April 18, 2007
  • Panama-Related Revenue Gains Not Yet In For Yahoo

    Yahoo's first-quarter profit and sales trailed analysts' estimates after Panama failed to generate the revenue gain some had anticipated. But CEO Terry Semel and CFO Sue Decker predicted a strong second-quarter, which will include a new consumer advertising push. Bright spots are the company's mobile, social and partnering efforts. ...Read the whole story

  • Going For Scale, AOL Says 'Amplify Your Buy,' Unveils Five Original Web Programs

    Positioning itself as a champion of scale, interactive engagement and high quality content, AOL on Tuesday unveiled five original programs for the Web that build on its experience with "Gold Rush" -- the interactive/TV series it partnered on with uber-producer Mark Burnett last year. Media buyers saw promise in some of them. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Adds Preferred Cost Bidding To AdWords

    Google released preferred cost bidding for AdWords, a new option allowing advertisers to specify the average price they would like to pay per click as opposed to a maximum bid. It's geared to advertisers who lack the time or resources to micromanage their maximum bids. ...Read the whole story

  • 24/7 Real Media Goes Straight At The Conflict Issue, Targeting DoubleClick Clients

    Ad network 24/7 Real Media wasted no time in capitalizing on the opportunity presented by Google's announcement that it acquired rival DoubleClick. It launched an online lead generation campaign targeting DoubleClick customers by getting directly at their fears. ...Read the whole story

  • NBC U., Time Warner Back New, 'Build Your Own,' Ad Serving Network

    On the heels of Google's deal to acquire online ad serving giant DoubleClick, a group of investors including of two of the largest traditional media companies - NBC Universal and Time Warner - are backing a new, "breakthrough" ad serving technology. Time Warner Ventures and GE's NBC Universal and GE Media, Communications and Entertainment units were part of a $19 million round of early stage funding for Adify, which has developed what it calls a "Build Your Own Network" approach to ad serving, which is aimed at traditional media companies as well as endemic online marketers. ...Read the whole story

  • Dow Jones Online Revenues Up 30%

    Helping to offset a 1.8% decline in ad revenue at the print Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones Online saw revenue rise a robust 30% year-over-year, Dow Jones reported during its earnings call Tuesday. ...Read the whole story

  • Future of Advertising? It's All About Branded Products, Services

    An ARF panel on ad agencies of the future addressed ads more than agencies. Burger King's breakthrough online Subservient Chicken was entertaining and very viral, but the future lies in campaigns that offer value and branded products and services, digital agency chiefs said. ...Read the whole story

  • Sprint TV, Suave Ask Moms To Write Webisodes Starring Leah Rimini

    Unilever's Suave and Sprint TV are inviting moms to contribute plots to a Webisode series kicking off this week on Actress Leah "King of Queens" Rimini will star in the videos. MindShare Entertainment conceived the program. ...Read the whole story

    DoubleClick Deal: It's All Questions Now

    You will have a hard time finding anyone in the online publisher world who has been a bigger supporter of both DoubleClick and Google over the past decade than me. But putting them together raises seven ...More

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