Thursday, August 28, 2008
  • AdWords Quality Score Changes Could Signal Stronger Q3 For Google

    Google has announced a trio of Quality Score changes aimed at making the way the scores are calculated more accurate and giving paid search advertisers a better read on how to improve them. While some in the search community view the changes in a positive light, others are concerned that the tweaks are more focused on improving Google's bottom line. Financial analysts seem to agree, with UBS issuing a research brief about the changes under the headline: "Changes at Google may increase coverage and pricing, though magnitude unclear." ...Read the whole story

  • Suit Claims City's Take-Down Demand Violated Civil Rights

    A resident of Sheboygan, Wis. has sued the mayor, police chief and other city officials for violating her civil rights by demanding she remove a link to the police department from her Web site. Jennifer Reisinger filed suit in federal court in Milwaukee, alleging that the city's cease-and-desist letter and subsequent investigation violated her free speech rights. ...Read the whole story

  • Eqal Prepares Rollout Of New Serial Drama

    The pressure is on at Eqal--the digital studio that brought the world "lonelygirl15" and "KateModern"--as it prepares to launch its next original series, "LG15: The Resistance," in mid-September. "As in any creative business, there's always that feeling of 'I hope people like it,'" said Miles Beckett, CEO and co-founder of Eqal. "But we're confident with our experience, our team, and our existing base of fans." ...Read the whole story

  • OleOle Acquires AVFC Football Blog

    OleOle, a social media site for football, has acquired and integrated AVFC Blog, the largest Aston Villa football blog on the web. ...Read the whole story

  • Judge's Ruling May Foreshadow RIAA Legal Victory

    A federal district court judge has issued a key ruling for the record industry in a well-publicized lawsuit against Arizona resident Jeffrey Howell. Judge Neil Wake ruled that Howell deliberately destroyed evidence in the case by purging his hard drive of Kazaa. The decision appears to signal that Wake will end the case in the record industry's favor. The case drew much attention earlier this year when Wake denied the record industry's ruling for summary judgment. He held that the Recording Industry Association of America couldn't prove copyright infringement simply by showing that Howell made files available for download. Rather, ... ...Read the whole story

  • Google: YouTube's Video ID Aids Monetization Of Clips

    In the vast majority of occasions, media companies are using YouTube's copyright tool to monetize potentially infringing clips that users have uploaded to the site, Google said Wednesday. The tool, Video ID, flags potentially infringing videos for copyright owners. The copyright holders can then decide whether to license and monetize the clips or have them pulled from the site. Google said that its partners are deciding to license and monetize the clips more than 90% of the time. "This has led directly to a similarly significant increase in monetizable partner inventory, as our Video ID partners are seeing claimed content ... ...Read the whole story

  • CareerBuilder Rolls Out Online Education Site has launched, a new online education division that offers job-seekers hundreds of courses in areas like computer skills, sales training, management and leadership skills, as well as foreign languages. The courses target both soft skills like time management and business etiquette and hard skills like typing, with varying levels of difficulty. Free demos allow workers to try a course before purchasing, and some learning tracks offer a certification that students can include on their resume. " offers easy-to-use online courses at all levels to help employees get ahead in their current jobs or improve their skills to land ... ...Read the whole story

  • Survey Highlights Impact Of Videos In Real Estate Web Sites

    A recent survey conducted jointly by VHT, Inc. and highlights the impact that videos and professional photography have on the perceived value of a listed property in a real estate Web site. According to the survey results, the use of a video in marketing a property increases the perceived value of a home by nearly six percent, while professional photography increases the perceived value by nearly 12%. On a $500,000 home, this equates to an increase in perceived value of $30,000 and $60,000, respectively. In addition, when asked how likely they were to visit the homes marketed with professional ... ...Read the whole story

  • AbsoluteROI Promotes McGavran To GM
  • Bucks County Debuts Online Video Series
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