Wednesday, August 19, 2009
  • Adify Report Finds Rising Real Estate CPMs

    Real estate and sports and entertainment are among the ad categories that are showing a rebound in ad rates in the second quarter after slumping at the end of 2008, according to new data from ad technology company Adify. Joelle Kaufman, Adify's senior vice president of marketing, said that with over 4,500 hundred ad buys each day running through its system, the company now has enough data to start issuing quarterly reports about ad rates and trends. ...Read the whole story

  • Facing Backlash: Facebook Sued By Users Over Privacy Concerns

    Five Facebook users have sued the social networking company for allegedly misappropriating their names, photos and private information. In the lawsuit, filed this week in state court in California, the users complain about a host of Facebook practices ranging from Social Ads -- which tells people who among a group of friends are "fans" of particular marketers -- to the company's registration process, which allegedly "is designed to obfuscate review of the terms of use and privacy policy." ...Read the whole story

  • Google Flies Hawaiian Airlines Ads Through Content Network

    Hawaiian Airlines took on the challenge to build brand awareness and change consumer perception that turned Hawaii into an expensive, unreachable tropical island getaway, as the economy took a dive. Working with the digital agency Razorfish to develop and serve up display ads, the airline tapped into the Google Content Network, which consists of millions of Web sites and online services that use Google's AdSense program to serve up ads. ...Read the whole story

  • Search Engine Satisfaction Study Ties Branding To Search Experience

    A consumer satisfaction report on search engines and Internet portals released Tuesday could shed a little light on where to allocate budgets for search engine optimization, paid search and display ad campaigns. It turns out that the experience consumers have on search engines can influence loyalties to brands that advertise on engines. Ads running on sites that consumers like tend to produce better results, according to Larry Freed, president and CEO at consulting firm ForeSee Results, which produced the study. ...Read the whole story

  • Break Media 'Mocks' America For Levi's

    Adapting an earnest brand campaign for an arguably flippant audience, Break Media has launched the first in a series of Levi's branded 'mockumentaries' titled "New Stories of America." ...Read the whole story

  • Goes Dark On Behalf Of BMW

    You may have thought something went wrong with your computer if you went to Monday only to find the entire screen dimming for no apparent reason. The screen blackout, which lasted for only a few seconds, was actually part of a one-day home page takeover of the site in connection with BMW's "Efficient-Dynamics" campaign promoting the 335d sedan and X5 xDrive35d crossover. ...Read the whole story

  • Show 'Sucks' Across Multiple Platforms

    Aiming to air out every imaginable grievance and gripe, cross-platform media producer Rooftop Comedy has launched an interactive TV show on digital cable channel MavTV named "That Sucks." Shot in HD, the show is anchored by a Web and mobile platform known as the "Sucksbox," where visitors are encouraged to answer the question, "What do you think sucks?" ...Read the whole story

    An Important Lesson from The OPA: Those Who Forget Will Be Destined To Remember

    The Online Publishers Association, with its recent report on ad effectiveness, hit a nerve with many people in ad networks and portals. Getting past the arguments about its definition of "effectiveness," (because that is another topic), ...More

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