Tuesday, May 25, 2010
  • Yahoo, Nokia Team On Mail, Messaging And Maps

    Seeking to bolster their mobile offerings, Yahoo and Nokia have formed a strategic partnership in which the companies will collaborate on key services such email, instant messaging and maps and navigation. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Reveals AdSense Revenue Split, Tries to Market Corporate Goodwill

    Google began beating the drums a little louder Monday in an effort to gush openness and transparency. The Mountain View, Calif. company decided to share the revenue split for AdSense for Content, and AdSense for Search. ...Read the whole story

  • Judge: RapidShare No Napster

    People might use RapidShare to share copyrighted material, but the company is no Napster. That's according to U.S. District Court Judge Marilyn Huff, who declined to issue an injunction against the German-based file-hosting company. Huff said in a written ruling that unlike Napster -- the original poster child for copyright infringement -- RapidShare didn't appear to contribute to users' piracy. ...Read the whole story

  • Rubicon Acquires Malware Security Firm SiteScout, Signals Growing Threat Of Attacks

    In response to the growing threat malvertising - malicious computer code distributed via online ads or applications - represents to the online publishing industry, the Rubicon Project this morning said it acquired SiteScout, a Seattle-based security firm specializing in malware detection and prevention. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Rubicon executives said SiteScout's technology would be integrated into Rubicon's entire infrastructure, ensuring that no ads containing malicious code can be served on any publishers or ad networks it does business with. ...Read the whole story

  • IAB Forms Multicultural Council

    In an effort to identify key trends and behaviors among U.S. minorities, the Interactive Advertising Bureau on Monday announced the formation of a new Multicultural Council that will focus on key issues that impact marketing and advertising within the multicultural marketplace, including audience measurement, and ensuring that all segments of the U.S. population are accurately measured and accounted for in online media measurement. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Gaining On Yahoo In Display

    Don't look back, Yahoo -- Google and Facebook are gaining in display. In its forthcoming report on Internet advertising in the first quarter, market research firm IDC says that Google's rise in display advertising has been so swift that the company now poses a serious threat to the biggest players in the segment -- Yahoo and Microsoft. ...Read the whole story

  • Mountain Dew Crowd Sources Ad Media Buying

    Mountain Dew took three new Dew flavors to fans, asking for feedback on placing ad media buys. The move represents the latest in a series of attempts by so-called Dew Labs to turn over the entire product development cycle and marketing process to consumers who love the brand most. ...Read the whole story

  • Clash-Media Acquires Trigga

    Lead-generation company Clash-Media on Monday announced the acquisition of "ad-matching" technology provider Trigga. Per the deal, Clash-Media founder and CEO Simon Wajcenberg is actually leaving the company, and is being replaced by Trigga founder and CEO Ed Bussey. Wajcenberg is "moving on to other business development opportunities," according to the company. ...Read the whole story

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