Is Online Advertising Really A $42.8B Industry?
Last week's press release from the IAB, in conjunction with PricewaterhouseCoopers, stated that total U.S. online advertising spending in 2013 was $42.8 billion. "More than TV for the first time," shouted the headlines. Let's pull the curtains open on this smoke-and-mirrors total spending show, and see what we really have.» 7 Comments
Brands, Not Publishers, Should Control Native Ad Conversion Path
Two themes dominate the online advertising conversation in 2014: native advertising and the emergence of the visual Web. Native advertising has seen marketers scramble to develop go-to-market strategies that best maximize their content assets. With the visual Web -- an evolution driven by an emphasis on visually driven web content -- marketers are turning their attention to platforms like Instagram. While one can debate the relative benefits of a text-driven or image-centric approach to sponsored content, there is one tactic that no one really discusses that the industry should address: Who should control the native ad conversion path -- brands ...» 6 Comments
Apps Optimize Mobile Delivery Of News
Language is dynamic; it's change pushed and pulled through the technology of each era. The history of news media is riddled with these shifts. So why, then, have news outlets been so slow adapting their content to devices like the iPad on which I'm writing this piece?» 1 Comments
Yahoo Has Become A Litter Box For Online Advertising
I feel like the woman in that Esurance commercial. Not the one posting pictures from her vacation on the living room "wall" -- the other one; the one who gets "unfriended" and then exasperatingly shares, "That's not how it works. That's not how any of this works." Venture-capital-fueled ad tech companies have convinced traditional publishing companies with rich and successful histories of selling advertising, that they no longer know how selling advertising works. The ad tech collective calling card reads, "This new way is way better than your old way." Better for whom?» 12 Comments
Native Is Good, Responsive Is Better
Understanding how to deliver advertising while taking publisher design into consideration is a logical next step for the industry, and will pay dividends for brands, publishers, and consumers.» 5 Comments
Is 'Trusted Seller' An Oxymoron?
A former media buyer recently quoted in a previous column said that 95% of ad sellers aren't trusted. As someone who has been on every side of advertising, I'm forced to disagree: that 95% seems low. Trust isn't eroding, as the article purports. It may have never been present at all.» 4 Comments
You Can't Spell $ales Without Team
My issue with programmatic buying is that there's not much selling. Publishers don't really set the sale price for their product; they suggest one that invariably needs to be lowered after a buy begins. Publishers have no say on a minimum time or budget commitment either, to access their audience, as those factors are also dictated by the buyer on risk-free terms that guarantee the publisher nothing.» 2 Comments
The Media-Sales Relationship Dynamic: Top-10 Dos and Don'ts
I've been in the media industry for over six years in New York and San Diego at various ad agencies, and one of my favorite parts of the job is my interaction with sales reps. It could be argued that we work in the best industry in the world, because we're tasked with innovating, strategizing and socializing. The list below includes dos and don'ts for both media buyers and planners and sales reps, based on my own observations, heart-to-hearts with some of my favorite reps, and conversations with fellow media people. If we all follow these simple rules, we can ...» 2 Comments
What Does WhatsApp's Success Say About Advertising?
It speaks the truth. Ads suck the life out of the consumer experience. WhatsApp's success says what no one in our industry wants to hear: "Consumers don't want to see ads, especially when they are looking at a mini computer they hold in their hands."» 16 Comments
The Future Of Native
2013 will be remembered as the year "native advertising" transitioned from a buzzword to a full-fledged category. As with any newborn, there will certainly be some wobbles and falls along the way as the native category quickly goes from crawl and walk to run, but what's clear is that native will grow and mature into an important part of the digital advertising ecosystem.» 5 Comments
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