Results for January 2006

Word-of-Mouth Marketing For--Or Vs.?--Publishers
At last week's WOMMA Conference in Orlando, 440 people turned out to spend an intense two days learning how word-of-mouth marketing could bring them more customers. Many of the case studies presented focused on elements of online publishing--but few of these examples were provided by the companies normally considered online publishers.» 0 Comments
Tug Of War
The goal of a media buyer is to purchase the least possible amount of wasted exposure from a publisher. Definitions aside of what constitutes such wasted exposure, paying for it increases the "cost per something" cells bolded and highlighted on the spreadsheet featured in the post-buy analysis.» 0 Comments
The Sphere of Influence And The Small Online Publisher
Despite the hypergrowth of blogging, podcasting, video blogging, photocasting and the other output of small online publishers, the 80/20 rule still holds true for online publisher ad revenues--that 80 percent of the revenues are generated by the top 20 percent of publishers.» 0 Comments
Open for Business
When your boss asks, "How was your Christmas?" your answer is not nearly as important as the desired effect this common post-holiday question is meant to produce, which is, "welcome back to the grind, I hope you're ready."» 0 Comments