Results for March 2006

Just Doing It Right
Calling on Nike was one of the best experiences I collected while selling media....» 0 Comments
Audience Engagement, Not Income, Is Mark Of Quality
Earlier this week, Google Finance launched to little more than polite clapping among industry observers. Most noted incremental improvements over existing services, but no step changes. The product is no category killer.» 0 Comments
A Second Serving
Please allow me to revisit the issues of working with ad networks, a topic I discussed several weeks ago that sparked a debate on MediaPost (and other trade outlets)--only, this time I will offer a solution to the problem ad networks pose for their publishing "partners."» 0 Comments
Compensate Citizen Publishers Like People, Not Web Sites
It's happening already. Waiters at New York City restaurants are starting to introduce themselves to customers by saying, "I'm a blogger--I'm just doing this while I wait for my big break."» 0 Comments
Working The Workday
Selling media is a lonely place to live from nine to five. Your bosses want you out of the office, while clients don't really want you in theirs.» 0 Comments