• Trump Makes More Admin Picks, But Questions Still Loom
    The Trump transition team has stacked up a few more administration picks this week, and reports say the team hopes to fill most of the spots by the end of next week. We are slowly getting a stronger sense of what type of team the Trump administration will be, though some looming questions remain.
  • The Language Of Politics: Why Certain Companies Are Making Themselves Heard
    Together with the polarization of our politics has come a seismic shift in the language landscape of the United States. The charged issue of political correctness is particularly central to many of the visceral debates surrounding the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, and it has made its way in earnest into the commercial space.
  • Was It Comey, Or Was It Clinton?
    Commentators have said that Hillary Clinton was just the wrong candidate at the wrong time facing off against the wrong opponent -- that she was doomed to lose the 2016 presidential election, considering her history in the public eye and the inherent difficulties of a party's winning three consecutive terms in the White House.
  • Authenticity Ads Make Stronger Impact Than Analytics, Targeting In 2016 Campaign
    Emotional ads top analytics in appealing to voters. Less sophisticated online ads, coupled with incessant Twitter tweets, clicked for Donald Trump. His simple, blunt digital ads produced an unexpected political insurgency.
  • Tensions Between President Trump And Businessman Trump
    The interests of the Trump Organization are in no way aligned with that of the American people. Someone should tell the new president-elect.
  • Canadian AdTech Firms Expect Stronger Growth Following Trump's Win
    Many voiced their desires to emigrate from the United States to Canada if Donald Trump won the presidency. The Canadian ad tech market has started to experience an uptick in job applications from below its border.
  • Mainstream Media Needs To Recapture Its Investigative Thread, Start A Two-Way Conversation
    It was clear since Election Day that the mainstream news media gravely misunderstood deep visceral undertones throughout the American electorate, exemplified by a strong Donald Trump vote.
  • President-Elect Trump Addresses Nation Through YouTube, Holds Press Conference 'Soon'
    Trump is turning to digital video to connect with the American people. In a YouTube video, posted on Monday, Trump outlines in scant detail what he hopes to accomplish in his first 100 days in office.
  • In Fake News Era, TV Retains Top Spot In Voter Influence
    The dearth of editorial oversight on the various social media outlets that aggregate news and disseminate it to millions of potential voters must be addressed. In the meantime, however, studies have shown that a majority of registered voters actually turn to television as their main source of news.
  • More Appointments Announced, Trump Policy Direction Takes Shape
    Throughout the campaign, Trump surrogates like Ben Carson insisted there were "two Trumps, a private persona and a provocative public one." Now that Donald Trump is president-elect, which Trump will govern?
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