• Clinton, Sanders Spar In 'Great Debate'
    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looks to embody a third Obama term, while focusing on certain improvements to his policies. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders spoke again of a "political revolution." It was the most substantive debate yet.
  • Mobile Strategy Takes Center Stage In 2016 Race
    As far as reaching voters online, mobile trumps desktop, in addition to being the quicker way of connecting with voters. Mobile strategies will be integral to many presidential campaigns, particularly in their effort to court young and minority voters.
  • Clarification: 24 Democratic Delegates In New Hampshire
    Clarification: In the column "Trump, Sanders Win in NH, Political Race Heats Up," published 2/10/16, the number of available Democratic delegates was misstated as 32. The correct number is 24 delegates who are allotted based on the popular vote. Eight superdelegates remain that add up to 32, six of those have already pledged themselves to Hillary Clinton and two remain uncommitted.
  • Trump, Sanders Win NH, Political Race Heats Up
    The 100th installment of New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation primary kept the TV networks busy and reaffirmed the exhilarating tone pervasive in the 2016 race. Donald Trump had a large win last night with 35.2% of the vote, while Bernie Sanders had a strong showing with a better than expected 60%.
  • Bernie's Artful Smear
    In last week's Democratic debate, Bernie Sanders attempted to pin Hillary Clinton as an establishment candidate and himself as a candidate of the people. One of the exchanges culminated with Clinton getting noticeably irked and saying: "I think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out."
  • ABC's GOP Debate Gets Candidates Riled, Rubio Shows Instability
    Sen. Marco Rubio's success in Iowa and his apparent capture of the establishment lane could be in jeopardy after Saturday's debate malfunction. Many have been musing: "Domo arigato Marco Roboto."
  • Clinton, Sanders Debate: "Obviously We've Hit A Nerve"
    Despite Rachel Maddow and Chuck Todd having just five days to put together questions for the Democratic debate, they easily found the pressure points in the first one-on-one debate this cycle. Sen. Bernie Sanders reiterated his call for a "political revolution." Hillary Clinton made a strong case for her electability, one point where she can seriously differentiate herself from Bernie Sanders.
  • Marco Rubio Looks Like The Establishment Pick
    Florida Senator Marco Rubio may be on his way to becoming the anointed establishment candidate in the GOP primary. There's the establishment lane, which Rubio seems to have secured. Farther to the right, there's the more conservative or "outsider" lane, a tranche of the party that is consolidating around Ted Cruz. Third is the unexpected and completely unconventional Trump lane.
  • Latino Vote Skews Younger And Is Growing Fast
    In the 2012 cycle, there were 23.3 million eligible Latino voters. That number is projected to be 27.3 million this cycle, Latinos' share of the total voting population has grown fo 12.6%. Organizing and engagement will be crucial to courting the Latino vote.
  • The Iowa Surprise: Clinton Wins, Trump Doesn't, Rubio Places
    Surprises abound. The most striking - Sen. Marco Rubio's stellar showing in the first electoral contest of the 2016 presidential cycle. He drastically beat expectations, raking in 23.1%. According to Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Democratic contest was a "virtual tie." Hillary Clinton didn't agree.
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