• Deviator In Chief
    If the first 100 days of his presidency are anything like the first two, Donald Trump could well go down in history as the deviator in chief. By that, I don't just mean a deviation from researchable facts -- you know, the truth -- but from quantifiable statistics.
  • Farewell, Our President
    Entering a new era of American and world history on Inauguration Day, a sense of uncertainty envelops our nation. What will the next four years bring? Will we close ourselves off from the rest of the world, tightening immigration policies and engendering conflict through confrontational trade and military positions?
  • Clinton, Trump Voters Had Very Different News Consumption Habits in 2016
    In yet another illustration of the widening ideological chasm in our national politics, Pew Research found that 40% of Trump voters identified Fox News as their main source of election news. In contrast, 3% of Clinton voters designated Fox News.
  • What Happened Politically In 2016?
    MediaPost had its own political postmortem yesterday in Washington, D.C., bringing together top strategists and vendors from both sides of the aisle to discuss what worked and what didn't in the 2016 campaign season.
  • Protests, Boycotts Take Center Stage Days Before Trump's Inauguration
    Donald Trump's inauguration this Friday is becoming an ominous microcosm of his campaign. It will likely preface an unstable four years. Masses of demonstrators are expected to descend upon Washington, D.C., in protest.
  • White House Reporters Could Be Evicted From West Wing Under Trump Presidency
    More alarming news about Trump's press operation is making the rounds among White House reporters. An 'Esquire' report suggests the Trump administration may kick the White House press corps out of the West Wing.
  • How We Changed As A Nation Over The Past 8 Years
    As President Barack Obama bids farewell to the nation and President-elect Donald Trump prepares to take his oath of office, it is appropriate to reflect at how the country has changed over the past eight years.
  • Trump Derides Fake News, Then Disseminates His Own
    The Trump camp's conflation of BuzzFeed's publication of the report with CNN's coverage that Trump was briefed on the compromising information was unfair. In short, it created a false story line.
  • President Obama Defends Record, Warns Of Turbulent Future
    "Yes, we can! Yes, we did!" President Barack Obama gave his farewell address to the nation yesterday evening in Chicago, carving out one hour of prime time to speak to the country nine days before Donald Trump takes office.
  • Ethical Questions Dog Trump Administration As Confirmation Hearings Begin
    The Republican Congress and incoming administration appear set on avoiding ethics oversight, as a unified House and Senate prepare to bolster the Cabinet picks of president-elect Trump.
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